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How to backup your OKCash wallet (Windows)

Started by shbour, October 18, 2016, 01:17:47 AM

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Video Tutorial on how to backup your OKCash wallet on Windows

Text in video below!!

This is a small tutorial on how to backup your OKCash wallet just in case something ever happens to your devices storing it or if you just want to transfer it.

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Greetings OKCash Community

This is going to be a short Tutorial about how to
backup your wallet (which is the "wallet.dat" file
in the OKCash folder)

For startup, we need to reach the folder lacation, the
default location is here:


NOTE: AppData is an hidden folder by default so might not
appear if you try to look for it manually

Once you are in the folder, copy and paste "wallet.dat"
somehwere on your Desktop

Now you can close the folder

Wait I'll show you something first!!


This is the current wallet address. If I was to delete
the "wallet.dat" file, I will not be able to open it

As you can see, by deleting the "wallet.dat" file, the
OKCash wallet made a new one since there was no wallet
already in the folder.

Now let's continue!!

You will want to zip your file with 7zip (I recommend it
because you can encrypt it and put a password on it0)

Make sure you encrypt it and put a password you will
remember to make sure that no one will be able to
steal your wallet and all your OKs!!!!

Alright now it has been ziped

Let's deleted the original file now

Now that we have a zip and a new wallet, we want to get
the old one back to have all our OKs.

Simple Unzip and put it back to the OKCash folder

Okay now let's see if it worked!?

Both addresses match!!! Now we know that the backup works

When you do it for the first time never delete your file
just in case you mess up somewhere. I will not be
responsible to any loose of wallets and OKs

Thanks for watching and see you around!