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How to Fast-Sync your Okcash wallet (Ubuntu)

Started by shbour, October 19, 2016, 06:32:56 PM

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How to Fast-Sync your Okcash wallet (Ubuntu)

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Welcome back everyone!!

This video will show you how to fast-sync your new wallet to the blockchain.

Let's open our wallet and see how much of it, it has!?

0.14% not good

Now let's close it again

We will need to go get the script to download the blockchain on github


For the sake of the tutorial I will just extract it on the desktop like I did for the wallet

Now that we have it let's go get the script

Let's make it even easier and put the script on the Desktop as well

Now let's start it

mhmm let's see the permission of the file

Now that we have allowed the execution it should work no probleme

Here we go the script works and it's downloading the blockchain and installing it in the right folder by itself

I'll come back when it's finished

Alright so the script finsihed it's work and now let's open the wallet and see where it is at with the blockchain....

sorry about that

98.5% :) better than 0.14% isn't it ;)

Now it shouldn't take too long.

Thanks for watching and stake well ;)