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How to install and auto-sync OKCash wallet (Raspberry Pi Simple)

Started by shbour, November 02, 2016, 09:00:59 AM

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Here's a textual tutorial for the OKCash wallet on ROKOS

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Welcome back OKCash community...

Finally, the ROKOS v7 core edition is available and ready for a good and simple tutorial

Let's start by some scripts first

Make sure you are located at "/home/pi"

the resize script will resize your SD card to get all the available space on it and not have ~700 MB left


Once it is done we go to the second script

This script will sync the blockchain on your SDcard


Once the blockchain is sync let's go to the default wallet directory

(if you don't have a USB skip the following steps and just launch the wallet)

cd /home/pi/.okcash

with the automount, your USB mounts at /media/pi/yourUSBname

now we have to add a line in okcash.conf so that when the wallet launches it will use your USB as the default directory.

open the file doing: sudo nano ok-sync-arm64.sh

Then at the end add:


Then to get out, hold ctrl and press X then yes then <enter>

now we have to copy our files and folders from ./okcash to your USB location

sudo cp -Rf /home/pi/.okcash/* /media/pi/yourUSBname

It will take a few seconds since it has to copy all files and folders blockchain included

Once everything is finally copied redo a ls to see if other files were added to your USB and another ls in another Terminal in ~/.okcash
to compare the files and folders.

If there are files or folders missing in your USB, that means you misspelled your USB name.

If everything is good open the wallet

Once the wallet is launched, it will take some time for it to find some peers (might take up to 10 minutes) but that's only for the first time.

While it finds some peers, you have a look around and see your wallet address at the top right.