Okcash WU — Why is OK so special? - Rebranding, New Gaming website / wallet updt

Started by okheymos, September 09, 2017, 10:10:02 am

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Okcash WU -- Why is OK so special? - Rebranding, New Gaming website / wallet updates, 4k members

In 8 days we get the Rebranding! This will be something amazing for us all! The marketing group has also already received the promotional material with a new logo, which will start promoting from 17/09 under the new sign! Also the Okcash Gaming website gets released in 3 days!

Big changes are getting ready, stay with us, OK works for you.

What is so cool about Okcash ?

-- OK is the only coin with/and creators of the "LTSS" System (Long Term Sustainable Staking) in pair with Bitcoin Long Term Halving system, meaning the last Okcash will be staked around the year 2148.

info: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,16.0.html

 -- OK transfers virtually instant, with fast 69-74 second confirmations, without the need of special layers/masternodes/side systems.

-- The OK Collaborators team is decentralized and conformed of more than 40 members from countries like: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Egypt and more. 

info: https://okcash.org/collaborators.html

-- The OK Blockchain is one of the most efficient and secure chains in crypto, being online since 2014 and working 24/7 and available anytime for all of its users.

OK Blockchain: http://explorer.okcash.co

 -- OK has one of the strongest and friendliest communities in Crypto, growing faster every time. (Already breaking the 4k members over one of the main communications channels)

Main Communications server: http://discord.io/okcash 

-- Everyone can participate and mine for more coins with Okcash thanks to staking, no matter how many coins you have on your wallet, you get the 10% in Okcash rewards during this year in your wallet until the next halving period.

info: https://okcashblockhalf.com 

-- There will only be 105 million Okcash in existence ( 5 times the Bitcoin coin cap ) Making OK perfect also for Micro Payments / Transactions. 

-- OK cash holds a unique name that attracts and explains itself and the project no matter the language, no cultural barriers. 

-- OK has one of the lowest fees in crypto.
( 0.0001 OK = 0.00004 USD aprox at the time of this update)

OK price converter: https://www.coinmath.com/okcash/usd

11/09-12/09 -- Gamers Website: 

Coming "Okcash Games" gaming portal that will hold all the info about the Okcash Games, tournaments on different games, the links and info about different Okcash Games Servers (like minecraft, etc) Where the same community will be able to add/manage their own servers ripping all the benefits themselves as well, Only requirements for new servers to get added is that they have to either work with Okcash cryptocurrency within the game/server and/or hold Okcash contests for its users. 

New game server coming up: the new Minecraft Pocket Edition ( for mobile users) , the platform will also hold info/links for the different Okcash Guilds in different games people play.

In the future, after establishing a good user base, Okcash Games (Collabs + Community) will be creating/coding their own Games that use Okcash as part of their economy/game for different platforms. 

~The place for gamers by gamers. 

17/09 -- REBRANDING -- New Logo (v3) -- Website Redesign + more OK info sites coming up! 

19/09-20/09 -- open online conference for the community by some of the OK collaborators and strong community members. We will talk about some of the future plans, the stock exchanges that show interest in the project, potential developers with whom we talk and we will answer all your questions, we are all a team. 

29/09-30/09 -- Minor wallet update. At the moment the OK wallet is v version, The coming wallet update (minor update) will give us the Okcash wallet version which will have:

- A new design, the New OK logo (rebrand) (v3 logo) 

- Security updates

-Same way it will include new DNS nodes, improving the network connectivity and scalability now that we are growing so much 
(all basic dns nodes are full, more than 500 nodes out there ) so we are having new DNS nodes added over:
Silicon Valley USA, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Canada and still deciding last one of this round for London or Australia.

We are still waiting on Poloniex, we submitted the proper information and at this moment we are getting verified to comply with full transparency requirements, in the meantime, we have also sent information to other stock exchanges with info/requests about adding OkCash to their platform. You will receive detailed information over the next few days in the coming Updates.


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