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Thank's for the update @CGB!  :P 2.0  8) keep movin'!
1. OK One-Arm-Bandit
2. OK Salty-Sea-Dog
OK Projects / Re: OKCash Economy 2.0
March 16, 2017, 08:12:27 AM
gave my 2 cents.  To the m00n!!11!  ;) ;D  :P
Holding about 32k OKCash

joined Discord @FatB

Dann mach ich mal den Anfang.  8)

Beste Grüße aus NRW!
Not really a christmas tree but... ;)

Easy going...  ;)


Wallet: @FatB, Discord or PXvgZ6JwtoTR8zVNf6qUmLjBrhJ6sSwDHr

Greetings to the OKCash-Community from Germany!  8)

My Wallet: @FatB, Discord or PXvgZ6JwtoTR8zVNf6qUmLjBrhJ6sSwDHr

Thanks to the Dev's, you're doing a great job!