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You are not able to see your balance in your wallet until you're fully synced with okcash network and you won't be able to send okcash out until you're fully synced with the network.

While you wait you can google for okcash blockexplorer and there you can check balance of address that you sent your okcash to.
I can only recommend to update to latest version and see what happens. Ofcourse dont forget to backup your wallet.dat file before you do upgrade.
There are currently 1462501 blocks. How far behind are you? Do you have any other wallet installed? Are they all working properly. Are you on latest OKcash wallet

For me when this happens it usually takes 1 or 2 restarts of wallet and in worst case PC restart.
When you see this happening just close your wallet, wait till it closes properly and start it again.
This is really really really bad idea. Stake your coins in your own wallet on your own hardware or you risk to loose it all. Keeping your private keys on amazon is just looking for trouble and risking loss of your coins!
Fairly easy and straightforward to compile on linux mint. Love the new logo.