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Economics / OKCash Economy 2.0 Medium Article + UPDATES
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:05:05 PM »
OKCash Economy 2.0 Explained + Upcoming ANN

Due to the dynamic development of our community, we would like to share with you some important information regarding our activities that we will undertake in the near future.

We are in the process of creating NEW private servers in Minecraft and CS: GO (work is ongoing). We will be the organizers of tournaments and contests related to games such as FIFA and League of Legends. Here we will also be the main sponsors of the awards.
Work is commencing on creating a public pay-as-you-go platform. We are following initial discussions with developers who have shown great interest in introducing OKcash payments in games such as Minecraft and CS:GO 

In the coming months we also have plans for an introduction of an innovative gaming exchange system (here we have already established a relationship with well-known Youtuber, to promote and help implement the project in the market). In addition, we want this to be a platform and environment for the OkCash community, where everyone can describe their suggestions for improvements. 

We want to keep in touch with you and give you the opportunity to contribute to our development. Interesting ideas for improvements will be verified technically and if they meet internal procedures will be implemented.,2144.0.html 

We have also created, Where you can use OKcash (and other currencies) to purchase items such as:CS: GO Case keys; Amazon Gift Cards, and more! 

This is a general outline of our plans for the coming months. For each implementation mentioned above, you will be informed on a regular basis. We encourage you to follow us and keep up to date with the latest information. This next Monday, September 4th, we will provide you with information related to our actions taken yet in September. We can only reveal that we are in the process of finalizing the agreement and full cooperation will begin on the date of 9/4/17. We put solid and certain steps into the future for the progress of OKcash, and the growth of the community and family.

Main Site:
Welcome site:
Info site:
Discord Link:
FAQ site:
Block Half info:
Current StatisticsOKcash Long Term Sustainable Staking (LTSS) info:,16.0.html
Geetsly’s Forum:
Purchase OKCASH using fiat:
Purchase OKCASH using cryptocurrency:

ok, to tell that with the re-installation of the wallet, it finally synced fully
and will finally get back on stacking....

Lost weeks of stacking, not realizing it was never in sync....


hope it will help others who experience the same

Good news is, you'll get just about the same amount of coins as if you were staking the whole time :) I do love OK for that reason.

Its never too late to join!  8)

Such a dream  :P

Projects Development / #OKCash added to POSlist
« on: August 10, 2017, 01:41:08 PM »
OKcash added to the POS listing website

Looking forward to seeing this develop!

OK Twitter Army

OKcash is building its public relations team. 
We are going to start with organizing a twitter team. 

If you are on twitter, or want to be, please contact me on Discord, or leave a message here. 
 If you have 1 follower (thanks mom!) or more, we want you to join us . 
This is an opportunity to earn FREE OKCASH while promoting $OK.

Its social staking!

Awesome guys! Great platform for OK to give back!

The coin age wouldn't change if your wallet crashed or anything.  Its possible, you reached your first stake (coins then show as staking) then 64 confirmations later, it goes back to your total and waits to stake again (8hrs.)

Send me a DM on here or Discord, be happy to help directly.  Sounds like you should be able to open your wallet and get to staking again no problem. 


In the past few months there has been wide circulation of rumours about more Youtubers and Gamers joining Okcash. The first Youtuber is finally revealed, the Youtuber Geetsly is now in partnership with OKcash.
Geetsly just released a new video, where he makes an introduction about OKcash and briefly describes the future implementation of Okcash for the channel and his community.

Geetsly, a content creator focusing on topics relating to Star Wars, unraveling facts, hidden mysteries and highlighting a range of events in the Star Wars Series, Games, and the Story itself.
OKcash Collaborators had the pleasure of having a conversation with Geetsly about a sponsorship, after a conference call, both OKcash and Geetsly came to the agreement of integrating the cryptocurrency as a featured future development project where users will be able to exchange games, on the platform of the IntergalaticLounge. For Geetsly’s and the OKcash community, “this is a new a day, a new beginning”, spoken by Ahsoka Tano .
The OKcash community are strongly fervent and supportive for any collaboration. It’s the vision of being the next widely-used cryptocurrency, with the philosophy to ‘decentralize everything and empower everyone.’
The future of currency is cryptocurrency, and it’s the philosophy at OKcash where we think that currency should be decentralized, through a secure network, transparent [through the OKcash Blockchain], Open-Source and Positive for Innovation. Since the creation of OKcash in Nov. of 2014, we’ve established partnerships including Microsoft Azure with the Blockchain as a Service [BAAS] ecosystem. We want to maintain our partnership with Geetsly and his community by strengthening and assisting them during this process of integration.
Most users can start-up your own OKcash wallet’s through the OKcash Bot, currently implemented in the Geetsly Discord Server as well as the OKcash Discord Server. Users are automatically assigned addresses [which can be found by using the command: .deposit]. You can purchase more OKcash, by first purchasing Bitcoin then depositing it into an OKcash accepted exchange, such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Bleutrade, and Yobit. Once you’ve purchased these coins, you’re able to withdraw these coins into your own wallet. Your finally able to stake your coins, and to receive rewards for doing this, as of now the current staking rewards for this year is at 10%, which means if a user was to have 100,000 OKcash, throughout the year the user will receive small amounts of rewards and by the end of the year the total would amount 10,000 OKcash. If you want to sell your OKcash, you can do so through LiteBit, a site which converts OKcash to euro. Using Litebit you can directly purchase the cryptocurrency through various payment methods, including Ideal, Sepa Bankwire transfer, SOFORT, and GiroPay.
Now this is a Proof of Stake algorithm, using the block halving process, which is why OKcash is a long-term sustainable staking [L.T.S.S.], using this system allows for the regulation of inflation, protecting the currency’s value. Through the Point of Stake algorithm, rather than Proof of Work [used for Bitcoin], people don’t need expensive equipment in order to get the coin, the more coins a person has the more mining power they have, allowing them to receive a larger stake, and compound on their coins.
More on that here:
If you want to get some free OKcash, go on the OKcash discord server, where there is frequent soaks and rains, a soak and rain essentially is the distribution of coins provided from a host user. The difference between the two, is that you receive soaks, if you’re within a 30 min time frame from the last moment you remained active on the server. Whilst rains are received to users who are currently active on the server. This distribution process can be simply explained by this: if there are 100 users online, and a user rains 100 OKcash, everyone will receive 1 OKcash each.
We at the OKcash Community are proud to be associating with The Geetsly Community, we know this is a new concept, this integration is a gradual process, which is why hopefully both communities can share ideas, assist with any difficulties so it can be conducive to exploring future developments and innovation. It’s from this moment forward where we want to maintain strong bonds, and grow opportunities between one another.

written by: AltruisticAtheist
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Main Site:
Welcome site:
Info site:
FAQ site:
Block Half info:
Discord Link:

Current Statistics
OKcash Long Term Sustainable Staking (LTSS) info:,16.0.html
Geetsly’s Forum:
Purchase OKCASH using fiat:
Purchase OKCASH using cryptocurrency:

Projects Development / Re: - The Ukrainian language added
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:40:49 PM »

OK на місяць

Projects Development / Re: - The Italian language added
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:40:30 PM »
OKcash alla luna

Hello Community!

It’s my honor to inform you of the addition of two new OKcash Collaborators!  MarcelV and Jakub will be joining our community to help drive growth in the Czech Republic.  They represent a larger community of crypto enthusiast looking to be a part of the next big thing.  OKcash is it!  You will begin to see them become a part of the OKcash network.  They have already completed a Ukrainian translation of, and have in progress a Croatian and Czech version. Please join me in welcoming them!

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