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Thank you for reading my articles.

Here is a list u can use for reading all of my posts.

The list will be updated.

1. https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2220.0.html

In the description we talk about all the positive aspects of OKCash and how you with the right mindset of the community can transform OKCash in to Bitcoin 2.0

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In the description you can vote for: what price you think OKCash will reach in the year of 2020?

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In the description we talk about how you can start with cryptocurrency's, what an ICO is and why i prefer a POS-Blockchain

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In the description i give my opinion and why i invested in OKCash

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In the desciption we talk about how you can help in supporting OKCash

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In the description a list of OKCash websites and information

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In the desciption we talk about the future of OKCash

Also interesting to read:




Please comment on my topics if u have any questions or just to get that discussion started !

Have a Okday.

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Hello Stefan,

I understand your concerns, but their is no need to be worried.

If your transactions are confirmed in the blockchain than it should be ok.

Sometimes it take some time until your funds are visible.

Are your funds at this time visible in your online wallet?

A tip for you and everybody else who read this:

If you have a new wallet or opened a online wallet that you never used before, send only a very small amount of your funds to this adress to check if everything is working correctly.

What kind of online wallet are you using? or is it an exchange-wallet?

On the OP_RETURN  issue, their you have no need to worried about.

If the problem is not solved, please send me a PM and give me your full details of your transactions and adresses, and i will have a look.

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Thanks, the truth never lies

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Yes, thank you and take care.

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Timothy 6:7

After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can't take anything with us when we leave it.
Thank you for explaining your side of the story.

Regarding XLM as a non profit foundation, i dont believe in the kind words, just like a lottery that is a non profit organization.

And sure maybe there is more development but what can you expect from a coin that has a marketcap of 16.5 BILLION at its peak.

But a coin with a non profit foundation, with the best advertisement techniques? no i'm not buying that.

To come back to OKCash,

OKCash is started as a NON-ICO. To get the blockchain started there was a POW period and everybody had the option to mine the coin.

So the start was fair.

One of your other concerns was that OKCash has a source code that is copied.

Yes OKCash is a fork, but XLM is also a straight fork from Ripple.

OKCash is forked from Blackcoin and that is a big plus for me.

OKCash can be basic but i never had problems with my wallet, the network or anything else.

And my transactions are always confirmed very fast.

It is a solid and stable coin, at 12 sept 2017 you see it had a 24h trading volume of 23 million USD you see the network can handle also larger amounts of transaction without a problem.

Further more i like to do my groceries at a local store instead of big supermarkets, the same is when i invest in cryptocurrency.

And i don't care if other cryptocurrencies can give me more profit, i buy what i like.

Maybe OKCash lacks STRUCTERED development, advertisement and so on, but i know it has a commited development team, and when their are any network issues or what so ever, you can expect very fast a update that is solving the problem.

The rebranding from PIMPcash to OKCash is not a issue for me anyway, when i was young i had also other interests than at the age of what i now am.

And what can you expect from all of the generations that as a child are influenced by movies, games and music where pimps are pimping the bitches.

I can give them just more respect, that they admitted it was a wrong name and choose for another name and a name that is standing more out than any other cryptocurrency name in my opinion.

And regarding the causes,

When you see a homeless guy, Do you give him some money? and how much do you give ?

And it is not the issue to get people to bite, are the people willing to give?

POS 3.0 is a nice concept, is it at this stage necessary? My opinion: no

And the great thing we have as a OKCash community is that we have OKtoshi on board, he is the lead developer of our coin.

What we saw of him that he has done incredible cryptographic achievements, he was one of the early adopters and  he was creating OKCash to what it is today. (by his own)

Quote from: BlockMaster on January 11, 2018, 09:40:11 AM

I feel the people that have large amounts of these staking coins sell small portions of their staked coins when the price is high maybe across markets so they get a high price before the value drops.  When the value drops then they will wait for the price to go back up or they can get it to go up by selling coins high.  Pretty much controlling the value of a coin like OkCash to make regular income off others when it is not panic selling.  Maybe I'm just being paranoid about this because it's hard for me to prove.

What do you think what is happening to all cryptocurrency's?

That is called the markets, when the community grows the charts will grow, and sure the early investors sell their coins at a nice price, but once sold, they are sold, if they want them back they need to buy them back.

And when the charts lower more people will buy it, and the community become larger.

And regarding staking it is the same as mining with an ASIC or what so ever only staking is environment friendly, and everybody get the same interest, and with extreme price fluctuations, POS is the most sustainable blockchain because their is no TERAWATTS needed to ''mine the coin'' the only thing with POS needed is to let the wallet open.

My personal opinion why I invested in OKCash:

1. POS Blockhain
2. More than 3 years of history
3. Lead-developer: OKtoshi
4. Max-supply of 105 million
5. Not overhyped ( natural growth)
6. The name: (OK)Cash
7. That the time has proven it is solid and stable
8. Fair start
9. LTSS - long term sustainable staking
( decreasing interest rate over time)

And i am not typing here to convince you to buy OKCash.

Make your own decisions, do your research and buy the currency that YOU have a good feeling about, and if XLM gives you a good feeling than it is a perfect investment for you, and you don't hear me saying that XLM can NEVER touch 1 dollar.

What is overpriced ? it is only the question why are some currency's expensive and others not... but they have the same intention, and the same purpose and that is to use it as money or as a investment.

That's your call  ;)

:P - :P
Personly i have trust in OKCash.

But you see these last couple of months that all those crypto-noobs are being negative all over these forums.

They invest a amount of money and expect immediately results.

And if the currency is not growing enough to give them the expected result, they are complaining if this coin is dead? Where is the development team? Why are the charts not growing?

If you look to the charts of OKCash of the last year than you see it has grown from $0,006 to $0,62 each at this moment.

That is a 103.3 times multiplier on it's original value.

So your bet is that it will continue to lose value, my bet is that it will gain.

I have seen also that OKCash has frequent updates over the year.

Only one strong update is needed, and all of the crypto community talks about OKCash and than everybody is suddenly positive.

So i don't care what everyone is saying, i make my decisions, you make yours.

You like XLM if we look to the supply there are almost 18 BILLION in circulation of the originating total supply of 100 BILLION  at a price of $0,56 at this moment.

It looks to me more like DOGE. but at a ridiculous price. But who am i? if you have trust in it, than it is perfect for you.

Sure maybe there are frequent updates, but the most updates are bull.... anyway.

Have a nice day,

:P - :P
Great to hear,

Also mention games like Call of Duty, Battlefield (platoon) where you can make your own emblem for instance.

Everytime you hit someone or get it, you see the calling card and emblem of the person that is involved.

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What i like to see is:

1. A Staking web-wallet (.com based)

2. OKcash listed on Binance

3. An official OKCash faucet (Like Bitsend)

4. Instant Blockchain sync

5. Simplifying the wallet, back up and restore easier, instant blockchain sync, that you within 5 to 10 minutes can use the wallet. And begin to stake OKCash.

:P - :P
How you can help in supporting OKCash.

A active community is half of the work for a cryptocurrency to be succesful.

Once in a while i write here some stories, share my thoughts, and if needed help people if there are any questions.

A long time i only invested in cryptocurrency without doing anything for it.

Until i realized that OKCash need more active members to be supportive towards OKCash.

So a little bit of your time, can realize major changes.

How you can help?


Be active on the forum, reddit and twitter.

Share your thoughts, help people when needed, have a discussion, make a story.


When you play games , use OKCash as a clantag or make a OKCash emblem if it is possible.


Mention OKCash in your profile. (youtube, facebook, twitter, playstation)


Make OKCash stickers and paste them on hotspots.

Or make a OKCash graffiti, only make a graffiti where it is legal to paint on the walls (i am not supporting illegal actions )


Make a youtube-channel and tell people why OKCash has value for you. (or make supportive OKCash movies like a commercial)


Make art like paintings, music or objects.

There are so many ways to be a active member of the community.

It only needs a little of your time.

:P - :P
It was a bumpy ride past year, but what will 2018 bring for us?

We had gains, we had losses but overall we had growth !

OKCash is almost on the level of the first peak of 12 september so if you don't believe in the OKCash project, now is your time to check out your shares !

My advise: sell zero. Why? Because i think there is yet more to come !

At this moment we have more than 20.000 registered adresses!

I see that doubling or even tripling next year !

And if you worried, the wealth-distribution of OKCash is not fair, my only answer is: it is not fair yet!

Because a lot of the early investors did not sell /or not sell much with reasonable price fluctuations.

When OKCash get close to a peak a lot of the early investors cash out some shares and the distribution of the currency will settle more to a fair level.

It only need some spikes to get on a fair level of wealth-distribution.

(And also mention that some of the large wallets can belong to exchanges like bittrex)

The only problem what we have as a ALT-coin community that OKCash is traded on the price of Bitcoin.

So if bitcoin gains, OKCash will gain (in moderation) with it.

But if the price of Bitcoin decreases we also see a devaluation of OKCash.

With the little bumps the past month we can buy OKCash with discount.

The Horror-scenario:

But let say bitcoin devalues to a level of 3000 USD in a very short amount of time than we have also a major devalue of OKCash.

I am fair with you, and keep it in mind and don't panic if something happens like this.

There are no saving bounderies in cryptocurrency-trading.

And i am not saying that it will happen, but it CAN happen.

That is why i am always saying: invest only the money that you can efford to lose!

Don't try to be a millionaire or invest all what you have in the hope of getting rich in a short time.

Trade with your mind and not with your emotions.

Do your own research and invest only in currencies that YOU think can become big.

Don't look at all of the youtube videos with people that are only promoting their investments.

Think for yourself.

And i am not saying here: buy only OKCash !

Deversify your investments, make a top 10 and invest in a top 10.

And keep in mind that your family, friends and pets is the best investment overal !

Money can make things easier, but cannot solve problems !

The feeling of being happy and satisfied in life is much more worth than all of the money and materialistic things in this world.

But what the future brings for 2018?

I think we have some massive gains to come for 2018.

But with gains there also come decreases and they can be massive to.

Bitcoin for 2018? i have not a clear vision at all.

What i personly think is that the movement from POW to POS in this year will increases more than 50 %

And with all of the environment issues, POS is the best and most sustainable blockchain there is at this moment.

Than we have also the Blockhalving of OKCash which is very positive also, not for your staking rate, but for the value it surely is !

Who knows, maybe we can achieve a stable rate of 2,00 USD for OKCash in 2018?

OKCash is up-to-date.

1. The wallet is running perfectly.
2. OKCash is listed on 5 exchanges ( coinmarketcap )
3. The website is working perfect
4. Our forum is running smoothly
5. OKCashforCause is still raising funds

What we want more?

Thank you for reading.

Happy new year and the best wishes to you !

:P - :P

We can do a few checks.

1. Did you have the latest version of the OKCash wallet?

2. Is your wallet fully synched to the blockchain?

3. You can check your transaction and your wallet at : https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ok/

If your transaction is confirmed by the blockchain you will be able to track it in the blockchain explorer.

:P - :P
ROKOS Bitcoin Fullnode OS Tech Support / Re: wallet
November 30, 2017, 06:48:28 AM

Mistakes can always happen.

Before you resetting your computer, did you back up your wallet?

If you have the .dat file everything can be restored.

:P - :P
Lpxcc, great to have you on board!

The staking percentage is now at 10 % annualy.

But their is a blockhalving coming within around 120 days.(5% annualy)

So if you buy now at this moment 1000 OK.

Than you stake with an average staking rate of 0,027% per day, so you earn 0,27 OK average every day!

And you accumulate 32,4 OK in this time period.

If you now look at the charts, it doesn't look much.

But if you are a long-term investor, it CAN be serious rewarding.

How much OK you need?

1. How much do you want to spend on cryptocurrencies?

2. How much trust you have in cryptocurrencies?

3. How much are you willing to loose?

If you have answered these questions for yourself, you know how much OK you need.

:P - :P