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HELP!!! :-[  :-[  :-[

Hello, I have tried to restore my balance from the coinomi wallet to the official OkCash wallet with the mnemonic codes, as indicated by you but it is not possible to see my funds in the OkCash wallet.

My funds appear in the OkCash blockchain since I have verified it but it is impossible for me to reestablish access to them through the OkCash wallet and from the Coinomi wallet it is no longer possible to make a transfer of funds because they stopped supporting the cryptocurrency by OkCash.

I would be grateful for your help to get my funds back and start staking.


AYUDA!!! :-[  :-[  :-[  :-[

Hola he intentado restablecer mi saldo de la billetera de coinomi a la billetera oficial de OkCash con los codigos mnemonico, así como lo indican ustedes pero no es posible ver mis fondos en la wallet de OkCash.

Mis fondos figuran en la blockchain de OkCash ya que lo he verificado pero me es imposible restablecer el acceso a ellos a traves de la billetera de OkCash y desde la billetera de Coinomi ya no es posible hacer una transferencia de fondos porque dejaron de soportar la criptomoneda de OkCash.

Estaría agradecido su ayuda para recuperar mis fondos y comenzar a hacer el staking.