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Hi everyone,
Im back again with checking for services where I can stake OK coin online if a user doesn't have a pc for staking on or doesn't want to keep his/her pc on all the time just to stake OK coin.

Well I just checked out www.btcpop.co which is a secure btc loaning website that recently started a crypto exchange service with staking capabilities.

I had a conversation with the admin of the website and he explained that the site has been there for a long time and they have started the exchange services to expand their horizons even more. The website itself looks very secure and has 2FA security protocol also.

Well i have transferred my OK coins from poswallet to btcpop and lets hope for the best :)
Hey guys, ok so i found a site www.poswallet.com

which was also suggested to me by oktoshi to check if it was possible to stake okcash without a pc (my grafics blew up long story)...

So anyways I just deposited around 70ok just to chk their staking capabilities and the transaction was instant...

Once an average staking starts there I'll post daily staking stats from their web...

Be advised I have already deposited around 90 million strb on poswallet also to check that coin staking also
so will post that also when their maintenance on that coin is also done.

Hope this topic will help more people to come in the future : My Pos link if you are happy with my findings :)