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Post a Flyer in a public space, Earn Some OK.

15 OK per flyer posted up to 10 Flyers, You can post more flyers but will only be compensated for 10.

START by Downloading one or more of the flyer images and print them out.

In order to get your OK bounty you will need to post up to 10 photos of your flyers in a single post HERE ON THIS POST with your discord username for payment in discord. Flyers must be in public areas such as coffee houses, Internet cafe's or other places where you think they will be seen by the most people.

Any discord account younger than 2 weeks in age are ineligible for this bounty offer.
People using multiple accounts to scam extra bounties will have to live with the bad Karma.
Not valid in draconian states where posting flyers is illegal. Proceed at own risk.

Proof of your work must be submitted by Aug 1 2017 to be valid. Promotion ends at that time.