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I tried sending some of my OKCASH from my hard drive wallet to my Bittrex account on August 10th.

The network was having issues where the cheque mark kept switching to the circle showing it was synching.

So I did a test of sending 4 OK to my Bittrex account first. It went through so I sent successive transfers afterwards sending 4 different transactions minutes afterwards to my Bittrex account totalling about 200000 OK. They never arrived in my Bittrex account and instead of showing up as a 'Red' Coloured transaction it shows as grey. I sent 1 OK the next day and that also was grey. Last week I updated the blockchain through the OK wallet. The 1 OK transfer ended up going through however the 4 Other transactions totalling the 200000 OK are still showing as 'Conflicted' when you highlight over each of them.

The blockchain is up to date and synched but for some reason those four transactions are not going through.


Edit: Solved with "okcash.exe -rescan" from CMD (Help over discord)