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Hi I wanted to point out that the wallet seems to become non responsive while encrypting . It keeps doing this every time I encrypt a wallet.

I also noticed that when you lock or unlock the wallet its status doesn't always change in the status bar and menu. Someone should look into solving these issues. Thanks!
Okcash Discussion / Auspicious mantra for Okcash
January 04, 2018, 03:57:22 pm
Here is an auspicious mantra for Okcash:


I suggest saying it at least three times a day and if possible at 3 different times as well for a suggested minimum of 9 times a day. This is actually a very serious spiritual Mantra and can have profound effects on you and your life I want you to know that in advance. What you want to do is also visualize 3 times the most wonderful, greatest future you can imagine for Okcash, in between repetitions. And then you want to get more and more creative each time, your personal challenge after repeating the Mantra is to see how creative you can become.

Eventually with time, you will become an expert at becoming creative and an expert at creating Okcash :)
Okcash Discussion / Future ideas for OKcash development?
September 07, 2017, 10:48:42 am
I was an active member of the Dash community for a long time and we used to share our ideas for possibilities for future coin developments. (To give the community and developers things to think about and things to plan for the future/and its fun)

I would love to hear peoples thoughts and ideas about OKcash!

My first idea is similar to what we see with Dash and the voting system. I voted for that system earlier in Dash's history. But I would have implemented it differently and allowed everyone to vote, not just people with masternodes (its not very democratic).

Okcash recently did a vote to see if people wanted to go on the Poloniex exchange (which we do! The more the better  ;) )

The thing is most people keep their OKcash wallet open at all times for staking, how cool would it be if every time their was a vote on something, or a poll, it happened through the wallet. For example, poll: is the marketing firm doing a good job according to you? Then a notification appears in the wallet letting you know that there is a poll or a vote happening. People see if its a poll or a vote and can take action accordingly through their wallet.

The advantage of this is that apart from incorporating awesome features for the coin and wallet, it would allow the poll or vote to reach the maximum amount of stakeholders as soon as possible.

- Also in the notification section of the wallet there could be a section for tournament invites  :)

That's my first idea. I'd love to hear your ideas, thanks!
Okcash Discussion / I love the OK logo!!!
September 07, 2017, 10:33:05 am
I simply love it, its beautiful. Simple and eye grabbing.

However, when you open your wallet there is a tribal like design around the logo which I find isn't really elegant. If you compare the wallet to banks software for trading stocks for example you wouldn't see tribal designs around the banks logo. I just think it might look more financial without the tribal around the logo.

Thanks for considering this!  :)
Hi everyone,

My name is r-ando and I am new to the OKcash community. I recently bought my first OKcash and am now happily staking.

There are a few things I noticed that I think could be improved:

- Wallet instant sync should be advertised on the main web site, its a revolutionary feature that should be mentioned more. After all it makes the coin much more business friendly. (could it eventually be simply included in the main wallet download?)

-Also I tried following the instant sync guide and it corrupted my wallet. The guide I found on youtube is much more user friendly. It would be great if the official guide had a link to the youtube demonstration (or another youtube official demonstration). I couldnt have done it without the youtube demonstration and im not the only one.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKqfsNDZwwQ

-Also, I'm not sure but I understand their are almost 40 developers working on OKcash? This should also be advertised/mentioned on the website its really impressive  :)

-I love the messaging built into the wallet, could we also mention this more on the official website?

-On the website I would also go more into detail about the instant speed of the transactions so that an ordinary person can understand it quickly. Maybe compare it to Bitcoin? (for example X times faster than bitcoin...)

Thanks for considering this!