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Hi everyone,
This is my first post, but let it not mislead you, i am following OKCash long time long. Anyway let me come to my point;

Website became really good in general, but it is lacking seriousness, solemnity. I mean in everywhere internet forums people are talking about OK Collaborators part and making fun that all OK Collaborators are bunch of avatars with not real names even only nicknames and calling OKCASH as MEMECASH

They have a point in a way. I myself understand that OKCash project is opensource and all the OK Collaborators are nerds (Word from OKcash website itself) who devoted
their time and knowledge to this job, but no serious investor will understand this.

What i suggest is at least add some good roaster and write OK Collaborators real names real photos and maybe some background information. It will really help much more than anything that will be done in short term beleive me.
Anyway thanks for reading hope it will be changed soon.