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Hi there,

I have been holding Okcash in Coinomi since around two years ago; now i realize that Coinomi stopped supporting Okcash, and i can no longer have access to my funds through coinomi.. I have been trying to restore my balance from the coinomi wallet to the official OkCash wallet with the mnemonic codes as indicated by the Coinomi's help page but it is not possible to recover the access to my funds in the OkCash Oficial wallet; my funds appear in the OkCash blockchain since I have verified it.. i have been following the steps detailed on the Coinomi's help page and used https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ to get the private keys entering my BIP39 mnemonic, selected OKCash and scrolled down to 'Derived Addresses'. I installed the official OKCash Wallet and went to the console and entered importprivkey #privatekey#. But no matter which private key I enter, I always get 'invalid private key code -5'. I tried the key with and without double quotes (because it says to use qoutes in the OKCash manual), but to no avail. I also tried the account extended private key, the BIP32 extended private key, some other private keys from the table, but I always get the same error.

Can you please help me get a solution to get my funds back?