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still no votes other than mine? are people confused or just dont care, or is it a "I have to think about this before casting my vote"?
as the title implies there is an issue with nearly all of the plugins that actually do anything and are like mcMMO, so much so that I am hesitant to release anything server wise with those issues, finding that at the state they are in, it would honestly be better to just work with out them, this might get worked out eventually but as of right now, they are holding up release of the server for people to play and build and earn OKcash from events. so.... here is the poll

if you want you can add a comment with your thoughts, suggestions and grips and such, I know I have plenty,

* right now the biggest issue is that no one can use potions, not even the mages and such, not sure what is wrong, but Heroes is abandoned for 1.7.10 and Cauldron which is needed for mods and plugins together, stopped development at that point due to the legal issues with one of the developers of Bukkit (the platform for plugins) so there is that.

we could conceivably add it in later if we can find a way to get it working including say a java developer helping us with finishing it up and figuring out what is missing at this point, or developing something of our own, or lastly figuring out why cauldron alone wont work with mcMMO so we can get it working again.

OR we get someone with those skills to help us update Cauldron for our own use of course, to 1.8 and beyond, as there are a mountain of updates to the mods and additional mods we could be integrating to the game to make it even more fun and crazy.

ok so go ahead and post a comment with your choice of what you want to do, and that will most likely seal the deal on what is going to happen next,
deleted see the poll instead
thanks, we have something new coming, so keep your eyes peeled here on the forums for the announcement, will be a lot of fun, so everyone both watchers and participants should enjoy it :)
so looks like we only got three submissions unfortunately :(
I get some of it, but some of it I am confused on as either like with the ledger do we not already have that with the block chain or are we talking about something more advanced that the blockchain is imported into with additional info like contracts and what not that can then be read off through software once unencrypted by holding the key and wallet.dat file the info was encrypted from?

also is any of the features shown here like escrow for people who want to do business directly or on the market place to protect both the buyer and the seller from fraud?
sounds good, figured our firsts will not be that great, you should consult with players in the future on what they think is fair, then if they make it too short, its their fault and they can deal with the shorter deadlines XD
here is my submission

a side shot to show the depth of the build showing off the raised lettering and blue circle
...for it,

I say we do a poll here once every few months and have willing participants that get nominated run for offices I also think we need at least 3 mods and one admin

so far sorticus has nominated shbour as admin, for this go around.
no nominations yet for danny but he has offered to run, so if any one thinks he should and knows him speak up and maybe we can get this sorticus ball rolling ;)
5 so far, more to come

1 http://imgur.com/GiIHQAA
more popular bar's bathroom, lots of anarchists hanging out there, as you can see LOL

2 http://imgur.com/Bmm3wKJ
2 diff angle of same as above http://imgur.com/Ev37QGi
gypsy coffee house

3 http://imgur.com/CWOOsCq
3 http://imgur.com/bV9OGRc
3 http://imgur.com/wIT6NDR
peace of mind bookstore

4 http://imgur.com/yMhbxtK
4 http://imgur.com/SO91JEQ
starship records and tapes

5 http://imgur.com/enkw7SV
5 http://imgur.com/2ECFBMA
starbucks at 51rst and harvard :)

6 https://imgur.com/6bRtiwq
6 https://imgur.com/MJr0HzM
outside reasors on taft street

7 https://imgur.com/XuKoweb
7 https://imgur.com/Y1Qv7IZ
church over on MLKblvd

8 https://imgur.com/v5jPiew
8 https://imgur.com/IaL7K4w
8 https://imgur.com/m7oq2dw
along one of the main streets called east line.

9 http://imgur.com/dUyktgd
9 http://imgur.com/lsNeuGK
ninj'd flyer in lowes in west tulsa! :) (posted another flyer on their bullitin board near front door, pics below\/  \/  \/
9 http://imgur.com/sNzp4Xq
9 http://imgur.com/lfdjjlZ
Lowes bullitin board as promised

10 http://imgur.com/QaKr6cJ
10 http://imgur.com/H21jf1a
ACE hardware at 61rst & lewis in tulsa OK

11 http://imgur.com/dSye6i9
11 http://imgur.com/D93oSTD
11 http://imgur.com/MjdA3rJ
ACE hardware in Sapulpa (note in last pic the handouts added XD)

***these are just pics of the places and handouts I put out on tables set up for that and not part of the total of 10 for the bounty,


will just update this post when I get any more flyering done :)

***edit (1), I tried embedding the images but they are far far to large and the forum just shows part of it so not even worth it, so I will add the imgr account link too for those that just want to scroll through instead of clicking on every damn link I posted here LOL

***edit (2) my discord profile is architect#3414 and I modded it to say The Architɘɔt posting or tipping the bounty there is fine, I am hodling and can stake from there, till I get my raspberry PI up and running to run my wallet from :)

***edit (3) here is the link to the whole account for now

***edit (4) made two albums to separate things up, so here are the direct links for them as well
http://imgur.com/a/xXBr3  <---bonus pics of extra promoting I did while working on bounty flyering
http://imgur.com/a/6Wn31 <---actual pics of flyer bounty work itself.