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Done   :P


My address:    PKwcYZ1TzKrm1Feh2FHkahYjPG2wrvjQJs

Quote from: Okorator on August 10, 2017, 01:12:49 pm
OK Twitter Army

OKcash is building its public relations team. 
We are going to start with organizing a twitter team. 

If you are on twitter, or want to be, please contact me on Discord, or leave a message here. 
If you have 1 follower (thanks mom!) or more, we want you to join us . 
This is an opportunity to earn FREE OKCASH while promoting $OK.

Its social staking!


I want to join you,
I have a Twitter account.
Hi there,

I am newbie  :P

My address:   PKwcYZ1TzKrm1Feh2FHkahYjPG2wrvjQJs