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Piezoelectric crystals are a very interesting crystal, piezo derives from the Greek word -  piezein, which means to squeeze or press, these crystals produce electricity with any pressure to them. I have for a while now been documenting a way to produce these cheaply and other methods we can use to make the effects of the crystals stronger.

I will be revisiting this research after a talk today with one John Morissette who has been a massive help in my understanding of vacuum systems. I shall document my work as I go and update this post as I go, for now I will leave you with a couple of videos I have done which will help you to even grow your own basic crystals

[youtube width=600 height=400]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSIQzc7pLEw[/youtube]

[youtube width=600 height=400]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsrFv0I9hRA[/youtube]

Update 1

Building a vacuum chamber for tests:

For this I needed some new tools, some $80 later I am the proud new owner of a small blow torch and a pipe flaring tool

I shall take a 6mm plate steel (was in fact a hot plate from a BBQ) I used this as it is incredibly strong and very flat which is what I will need for my vessel to pull down on for my vacuum chamber as i will show in my diagram below.

My intentions are to grow the crystals under a vacuum, apply certain electrical frequencies, magnetic fields and sound waves during the growing. This will be achieved by electrical input built into the base of the vacuum chamber, also viewable on the diagram. Another thing I would like to try is "doping" the mixture the crystals are grown in, that is where use additives, we might try add something like iron for better conductivity or even copper sulphate as that woudl be better for crystal growth. 

Well I am off to start building this, I most likely will not have it finished today, but will have made a good start to it.

DEOK General Discussion / Rules of DEOK
November 05, 2016, 10:33:32 pm
DEOK Rules to posting and contributing to.

I will keep these rules simple.

Rules are subject to change without warning at my own discretion.
Moderators are expected  to uphold these rules unless otherwise discussed with myself or Bladerunner.

1. Everyone shall remain respectful of other people at all times.

2. All postings of new research being started needs to be either posted in a detailed,  replicable manner or clearly stated to be only a theory,
    there will be no claim of "knowing" or achievement if you have not got a working model that can be vetted by our Admin and Mods. 

3. Everyone is expected to remain respectful of the work being done here.

4. There will be zero tolerance for conspiracy theory,
    this is a place of work and as such shall remain one,
    If you wish to learn about why this kind of technology has failed entering the mainstream you need only to search it on the web.. 

5. All contributors must uphold Honesty and Integrity at all times.
    There is a lot of fraud surrounding Free energy research,
    such as "Hopegirl" with her "QEG" or "Keshe" with his coke bottle magic tricks,
    this will never stand in DEOK and will incur permanent banning.

6. Have fun while learning something new, work with others, share your work,
    We are going to change the world here at DEOK so don't hold back :)
Nikola Tesla, the man responsible for everything from AC electricity that powers our homes today to radio and many other things. It is believed he held over 500 patents at his death (thought only some 260 od have been found)  and was man to never oversell himself. Everything Tesla said he could do he did, providing the funding were available.

One of the things he set out to do, only to have the funding pulled, was a radio tower, named Wardenclyffe, this tower was the provide wireless electricity, but with one added bonus, Tesla stated it would be done with little initial power to start it up, from there on, it would run on it's own.

Of course this sound controversial maybe even farfetched, however we must only look at the man making the statements and his previous accomplishments to note, he was a man of his word. I will leave you all a videos and a link for you to begin your own research into Tesla himself and you can make up your own mind. To me the man was genius before his time who only failed because of others greediness.

[youtube width=600 height=400]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZkkHhyWFus[/youtube]

A list of Patents secured by Tesla during his lifetime. it is believed there are many more we have no access to or have not been found, but none the list a very long list all the same.

You will find once we start research of these works and others of Tesla in the Childboard. "Replications"
This will be the first of many paths of research DEOK - Free Energy Research Department will be undertaking

This is my atmo motor I have been working on, it uses energy harvested from the air at altitude, some 10,000v per 100 feet of height can be taken from thin air as it were, My motor is in part to be a proof of concept, of the usability of this energy.

I am also working on increasing the torque of this motor to be used in conjunction with this new energy, as current technology is not designed to work with it. and I call it new energy, because it is not being used now to any advantage.

Using differing materials with certain electrostatic properties, I hope to achieve this, I have managed more surface area for electrons to gather by using coils instead of straight pins in the combs as others with similar projects have done.

Furthering from this, the correct choices of materials used to make these coils and the sheaths I believe is key, I have copper on hand and have started using that as a cheap way to at least prove I can gain more torque with a greater surface area for the electrons to gather. I do however require other materials wish to try to see if I can increase the effects even further.

For a deeper understanding of this energy we are harvesting please see this link


I shall post below some images and videos to explain a little more.

[youtube width=600 height=400]https://www.youtube.com/embed/_sSBuVfWlqk

In the image above you will see the use of the coils and the sheaths. the sheath gives a certain electrostatic property to each coil giving it a positive or negative charged by default, based on the material we choose.

Each coil is hand wound by me they are all 1mm dia x 65mm long of 24awg enameled copper wire.

There is about 200 coils made so far and I have a little over 800 more to go, these have to be made by hand as the coil form needs to be 0.5of a mm thick and is quite susceptible to work hardening.
Supported by the Okcash community This thread will be devoted to discussion of Free energy, Free energy researchers, we shall break out from this small thread over time, but for now I am here to introduce myself.

I am Kultus Nagrand, from Australia, I have been working on a proof of concept motor to prove the usability of atmospheric energy, I am also the head of our (okcash's) new Free energy R&D department.

I have for the last few weeks been running a competition on my youtube channel which you are all welcome to join in on and win yourself some excellent prizes and to add to it, any user of OKcash who wins will also receive 1000 OKcash  just let me know if you are selected as a winner you are a user of OKcash and your wallet address. The Competition is open worldwide, but has just a few short days left in it, so get cracking check the link below.

I am open to talking about my work, my ideas are all free sourced and given away to the public domain for free. once in public domain, they can never be patented or owned by one entity or person.

My Website where all I work on is released once completed, I have made this myself with no real web building skills to be honest. but it serves it purpose www.kultus.weebly.com

More info on the event invite:

For those of you electrically minded and want to win some prizes, here is a competition currently being run on my youtube channel, near 300 bux worth of prizes donated by a friend who work at a local electronics distributor


Only a few short days left of the comp so get in quick, watch a few videos about my work, enter and win some awesome prizes.

I will add 1000 OK cash to any okcash users / winners  prizes just cause <3