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Okcash Discussion / Re: What is the future of OKCash?
January 13, 2018, 04:21:44 pm
Quote from: OK-OK on January 11, 2018, 07:29:47 pm
Thank you for explaining your side of the story.

Regarding XLM as a non profit foundation, i dont believe in the kind words, just like a lottery that is a non profit organization.

And sure maybe there is more development but what can you expect from a coin that has a marketcap of 16.5 BILLION at its peak.

But a coin with a non profit foundation, with the best advertisement techniques? no i'm not buying that.

To come back to OKCash,

OKCash is started as a NON-ICO. To get the blockchain started there was a POW period and everybody had the option to mine the coin.

So the start was fair.

One of your other concerns was that OKCash has a source code that is copied.

Yes OKCash is a fork, but XLM is also a straight fork from Ripple.

OKCash is forked from Blackcoin and that is a big plus for me.

OKCash can be basic but i never had problems with my wallet, the network or anything else.

And my transactions are always confirmed very fast.

It is a solid and stable coin, at 12 sept 2017 you see it had a 24h trading volume of 23 million USD you see the network can handle also larger amounts of transaction without a problem.

Further more i like to do my groceries at a local store instead of big supermarkets, the same is when i invest in cryptocurrency.

And i don't care if other cryptocurrencies can give me more profit, i buy what i like.

Maybe OKCash lacks STRUCTERED development, advertisement and so on, but i know it has a commited development team, and when their are any network issues or what so ever, you can expect very fast a update that is solving the problem.

The rebranding from PIMPcash to OKCash is not a issue for me anyway, when i was young i had also other interests than at the age of what i now am.

And what can you expect from all of the generations that as a child are influenced by movies, games and music where pimps are pimping the bitches.

I can give them just more respect, that they admitted it was a wrong name and choose for another name and a name that is standing more out than any other cryptocurrency name in my opinion.

And regarding the causes,

When you see a homeless guy, Do you give him some money? and how much do you give ?

And it is not the issue to get people to bite, are the people willing to give?

POS 3.0 is a nice concept, is it at this stage necessary? My opinion: no

And the great thing we have as a OKCash community is that we have OKtoshi on board, he is the lead developer of our coin.

What we saw of him that he has done incredible cryptographic achievements, he was one of the early adopters and  he was creating OKCash to what it is today. (by his own)

Quote from: BlockMaster on January 11, 2018, 09:40:11 am

I feel the people that have large amounts of these staking coins sell small portions of their staked coins when the price is high maybe across markets so they get a high price before the value drops.  When the value drops then they will wait for the price to go back up or they can get it to go up by selling coins high.  Pretty much controlling the value of a coin like OkCash to make regular income off others when it is not panic selling.  Maybe I'm just being paranoid about this because it's hard for me to prove.

What do you think what is happening to all cryptocurrency's?

That is called the markets, when the community grows the charts will grow, and sure the early investors sell their coins at a nice price, but once sold, they are sold, if they want them back they need to buy them back.

And when the charts lower more people will buy it, and the community become larger.

And regarding staking it is the same as mining with an ASIC or what so ever only staking is environment friendly, and everybody get the same interest, and with extreme price fluctuations, POS is the most sustainable blockchain because their is no TERAWATTS needed to ''mine the coin'' the only thing with POS needed is to let the wallet open.

My personal opinion why I invested in OKCash:

1. POS Blockhain
2. More than 3 years of history
3. Lead-developer: OKtoshi
4. Max-supply of 105 million
5. Not overhyped ( natural growth)
6. The name: (OK)Cash
7. That the time has proven it is solid and stable
8. Fair start
9. LTSS - long term sustainable staking
( decreasing interest rate over time)

And i am not typing here to convince you to buy OKCash.

Make your own decisions, do your research and buy the currency that YOU have a good feeling about, and if XLM gives you a good feeling than it is a perfect investment for you, and you don't hear me saying that XLM can NEVER touch 1 dollar.

What is overpriced ? it is only the question why are some currency's expensive and others not... but they have the same intention, and the same purpose and that is to use it as money or as a investment.

That's your call  ;)

:P - :P

WOW Great post friend :)
OKcash 3rd Birthday -- First BIG Announcement

OKcash began almost 3 years ago with the dream of empowering people across the globe to become their own bank.
By focusing on building a community of collaborators, OKcash has made leaps and bounds in community size, social reach, and increasingly the impact we can have on the world around us. Thanks to community projects like http://www.okcashforcause.org/ we can directly contribute to specific projects aimed at improving our fellow man.

By using http://www.okcart.net/ community members can use OKcash to exchange physical and digital goods with just a few clicks!

but we didn't stop there....

By focusing on cryptocurrency awareness, online gaming, and social media OKcash has watched its community grow from humble beginnings, to 6500+ on discord, 1000's on telegram, scattering every social platform out there. OKcash community Twitter campaigns have begun reaching 50,000+ impressions per tweet. What this means, is the message of OKcash is reaching more people, every day, in every way. OKcash is on social media helping people just getting started in cryptocurrency using OKcash as the mechanism to teach with. Whether you're on Minecraft or Twitter, you have made it here into the OKcash family.

equally important,

OKcash technological structure allows everyone to participate in OKcash's future. Regardless of the amount of OKCash you have, you too can stake. This is at the core of OKcash's character. Reliability and stability are the pinnacles by which our blockchain operate.

This allows one of the fastest blockchains to give stakers 10% reward (see: http://okcashblockhalf.com for details) and users' quick transaction confirmations. While I enjoy seeing the many ERC20 tokens, each true blockchain represents the ideas of satoshi the best.

and in that regard, let's get to the big announcement!

No one owns or controls OKcash. OKcash is built on a community of collaborators who sometimes work independent, other times working together to build functions, features and services built on and for OKcash. There have been a few additions, that I would like to share with you.

I am proud to announce that OKcash already has additional coding developers already hard at work! These new developers have already audited OKcash code (btw, well done toshi :) ) to reiterate as we already know, the code is perfect. Right now, they are hard at work. Given the clean structure OKcash has built, they believe they will be of GREAT HELP.

But rather than me telling you all about them. I would rather they step forward, and tell you about themselves :)
Every day we will publish new information about OKCash. Information from the sphere of technological development and updates. We will show you the fruits of our several months of work.

There will be contests in which anyone can win OKcash coins as well as larger gifts! A lot of fun, lots of positive energy but also technical news that we can't wait to share with you. You will also learn about our plans for the future and additionally that you will find out soon. It is a surprise

Have fun and join us in celebrating next birthday of OkCash!

We are developing for you!


check us out at:
The OKCash team has been hard at work, and we've got our first big announcement ready to go!  Watch for update from OKorator at end of countdown! This won't be the last surprise before we celebrate OKcash 3rd birthday on the 24th :)

Who's ready for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Golden Smophy marketing has asked the OK community if they could join in on the birthday fun, and the community has SPOKEN!


Looking forward to a fun lead up to our birthday yay!


Projects Development / Thanks Golden Smophy
October 19, 2017, 02:50:46 pm
Economics / OKCash Economy 2.0 Medium Article + UPDATES
September 01, 2017, 01:05:05 pm
OKCash Economy 2.0 Explained + Upcoming ANN

Due to the dynamic development of our community, we would like to share with you some important information regarding our activities that we will undertake in the near future.

We are in the process of creating NEW private servers in Minecraft and CS: GO (work is ongoing). We will be the organizers of tournaments and contests related to games such as FIFA and League of Legends. Here we will also be the main sponsors of the awards.
Work is commencing on creating a public pay-as-you-go platform. We are following initial discussions with developers who have shown great interest in introducing OKcash payments in games such as Minecraft and CS:GO 

In the coming months we also have plans for an introduction of an innovative gaming exchange system (here we have already established a relationship with well-known Youtuber, to promote and help implement the project in the market). In addition, we want this to be a platform and environment for the OkCash community, where everyone can describe their suggestions for improvements. 

We want to keep in touch with you and give you the opportunity to contribute to our development. Interesting ideas for improvements will be verified technically and if they meet internal procedures will be implemented. 

We have also created http://www.okcart.net, Where you can use OKcash (and other currencies) to purchase items such as:CS: GO Case keys; Amazon Gift Cards, and more! 

This is a general outline of our plans for the coming months. For each implementation mentioned above, you will be informed on a regular basis. We encourage you to follow us and keep up to date with the latest information. This next Monday, September 4th, we will provide you with information related to our actions taken yet in September. We can only reveal that we are in the process of finalizing the agreement and full cooperation will begin on the date of 9/4/17. We put solid and certain steps into the future for the progress of OKcash, and the growth of the community and family.

Main Site: http://okcash.org/index.html
Welcome site: http://okcash.co/
Info site: https://okcash.info/
Discord Link: http://discord.okcash.co/
FAQ site: http://okcash.org/faq.html
Forums: https://okcashtalk.org/
Block Half info: http://okcashblockhalf.com/
Facts: http://okcash.co/index.php#facts
Current StatisticsOKcash Long Term Sustainable Staking (LTSS) info: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,16.0.html
Geetsly's Forum: http://intergalacticlounge.com/
Blog: http://intergalacticlounge.com/blog/
Purchase OKCASH using fiat:
Purchase OKCASH using cryptocurrency:
Quote from: altcoinlover on August 18, 2017, 01:44:13 pm
ok, to tell that with the re-installation of the wallet, it finally synced fully
and will finally get back on stacking....

Lost weeks of stacking, not realizing it was never in sync....


hope it will help others who experience the same

Good news is, you'll get just about the same amount of coins as if you were staking the whole time :) I do love OK for that reason.
OKcash added to the POS listing website http://www.poslist.org/

Looking forward to seeing this develop!

OK Twitter Army

OKcash Community discord is building its public relations team. 
We are going to start with organizing a twitter team. 

If you are on twitter, or want to be, please contact me on Discord, or leave a message here. 
If you have 1 follower (thanks mom!) or more, we want you to join us . 
This is an opportunity to earn FREE OKCASH while promoting $OK.

Its social staking!

Awesome guys! Great platform for OK to give back!
The coin age wouldn't change if your wallet crashed or anything.  Its possible, you reached your first stake (coins then show as staking) then 64 confirmations later, it goes back to your total and waits to stake again (8hrs.)

Send me a DM on here or Discord, be happy to help directly.  Sounds like you should be able to open your wallet and get to staking again no problem.