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ROKOS Tech Support / Rokos for Pi Zero?
« Last post by nelkins on Today at 05:52:04 PM »
Is there a Rokos for Pi Zero?

I have a Pi zero and my friend gave me a few miners.  I live in a college dorm so electricity cost is 0.  I am no programmer and have struggled the past few days trying to set up the miners through pixel.

I stumbled upon Rokos on bitcoin talk.  It saids its for the Pi zero but I dont see a download link unless I'm suppose to use the one for Pi 2/3.  If Rokos isnt available for Pi Zero then can someone recommend another option or give me a set by step setup for the miners?

Thank you

Steemit post:

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My address is: PXZPtjBFrc2zu9iwUX3HCz2BLuAw67yxPb
Hi Everyone!

Okcash Discussion / Re: Future ideas for OKcash development?
« Last post by r-ando on September 23, 2017, 01:38:56 PM »
I think the fact that the wallet stays open is incredible because so many layers can be added to it.

Ideas to consider:

-Having an integrated web browser in the wallet. When you buy things online you need to search for them/about them, compare prices, why not do it directly from the wallet you will pay with, its more efficient. And it would be a great feature to add value to OKcash. It could also host advertisement to provide revenue for the developers that work on OKcash. A revenue stream for OKcash development.

-Complicated: Having OKcash run on a private internet.

Concerns/idea: Are nodes ''hidden", can a government for example know that I am running a node/have an open wallet? If not can we hide the network? This would also probably be beneficial for network attacks.

Big idea: Create a decentralised exchange where you can buy/sell any alt coin but that runs on the OKcash wallet. This would have many positive effects and would encourage more people to use/have/have open OKcash wallets. For example, create another revenue stream for OKcash. Also, with the OKcash wallet directly linked to the decentalised exchange many things would be possible. More layers... For example, then we can get employees to run the business of the exchange and (idea up above) internet browser. If there is a businessthat runs these aspects then we can put in other layers and have that company support the whole network and community. For example, password management... You forget your password? No problem. You lose your private key. No problem. The company is like a bank and administers it for you (on blockchain :)) you call in explain the situation, they verify your identity and voila! Thank you for calling today and have a nice day, your password is.... Here is your private key.... Wallet insurance services.
Okcash Discussion / Re: Future ideas for OKcash development?
« Last post by r-ando on September 23, 2017, 01:11:19 PM »

One of the features I would really like to see for the wallet itself is some way to hide the balance while keeping the wallet open. ''Hide Balance" A hide balance option would really be nice in the wallet.

Banks have this at ATMs and its always made me uncomfortable having an open wallet when people are around because people can see your balance.
Deutsch (German) / Re: Hallo! Kleiner WIllkommens Giveaway!
« Last post by detlev on September 23, 2017, 05:51:19 AM »
Moin aus Aachen,

bin frisch hier aber auf Steemit als @detlev recht aktiv.
Mein Discord ist Detlev#4277 - freue mich auf den Austausch
Okcash Discussion / Re: New Moderators (Introduce yourself)
« Last post by menchester on September 22, 2017, 07:04:57 PM »
Hello Guys and Girls, I am one of the newly appointed MOD of OKCASH Discord community. My Name is Sankalp A.K.A Menchester. If you guys need any assistance, feel free to buzz me. Will be glad to help :)

Discord link
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