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Okcash Discussion / How to Remove Cigarette Smell ...
Last post by cigspriced - November 23, 2020, 01:39:52 am
Many people smoke cigarettes in their homes because often they do not have other comfortable place to smoke. They do not have a balcony, special smoking room or just cannot go outside on the street because live in a skyscraper on a high floor. Thus appears the problem of tobacco odor in the apartment or house. Let us see how to remove it.

Tobacco odor is probably is one of most difficult smells to remove, because it has a property to enter deep into surfaces such as carpets, furniture, draperies, clothes. Specialists say that 70% of tobacco smoke do remain on textile surfaces and carpets. Today there are different ways to get rid of it, choose the one you like most.

1. Take a big laurel leaf and set it on fire in a clean ashtray. Smoke from laurel leaf spoils tobacco smoke in the house Buy Cigarettes Online. So you need to walk with burning laurel leaf through your house to fume all rooms Tobacco Shop. After that you will feel no tobacco smoke at all.

2. Make a big cleaning up in your home! Wash draperies and blankets. As to pillows, send them to dry cleaning or buy new ones. To wash carpets use wet-vac with an aromatic shampoo. Perfect solution for this is Vanish.

3. In winter take carpets outside and wash them with snow! After this you will feel only fresh freezy air and no tobacco smell at all Marlboro Lights.

4. When it comes to upholstery, here you should also use wet-vac and Vanish.

5. As to wardrobe, it is necessary to send overclothes to dry cleaning. Other clother do not need to be washed as you soon will wash them anyway after wearing.

6. Cuddly toys wash manually or in a washing machine.

7. When you rinse cuddly toys, draperies, blankets, etc. use a conditioner with a pleasant smell. After drying, the smell will spread through your home!

8. Tobacco smell can hardly be removed from wooden surfaces (doors, windows). The only thing you can do is to replace them with plastic ones. As to picture frames, you may lacquer them.

9. When you wash windows, doors, walls, floor and other surfaces, add vinegar in water.

10. Unfortunately, tobacco smell cannot be removed from books and magazines, because it enters very deep in paper. You may move books to balcony for the entire winter and this will help to reduce smell, but not to remove. Generally, it is recommended to store books in closed boxes Newport Cigarettes.

11. Use special spray against tobacco odor. Pulverize it on all surfaces in your home and cigarette smell will disappear Newport Cigarettes Website.

12. Aromatize your home with coffee! Put fresh brewed coffee into small beautiful vases and place them everywhere in your home. Coffee perfectly absorbes tobacco smell and soon you will not feel at all. Do not forget to replace them with new ones at least once in two weeks.

13. Use oil warmer. Oils that better help to remove cigarette smell are: lemon Marlboro Cigarettes, grapefruit, orange and pine. Try to mix pine with citurs aroma and you will get a very pleasant smell!
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Okcash Discussion / Okcash is getting integrated i...
Last post by OKupdates - November 16, 2020, 08:01:53 pm

Okcash is getting integrated in the next weeks in to the TENT Wallet, providing OK users with swaps between currencies and the use of crypto debit cards.

 #OKCash is coming to TENT Wallet (BitFrost) in upcoming release. Users will be able to swap 🔄
 between currencies and use crypto debit cards 💳
 Welcome onboard 🌍♥️🎉✌️
#BUIDL #cryptocurrencies
A Big Thanks to the involved teams and users.

Technical Support and Staking / Transferring funds from Coinom...
Last post by vrowdy - November 10, 2020, 05:37:05 am
Hello all,

I use Coinomi, a multi-coin wallet.
They, however, dropped support for OKCash rather abruptly.
Now, I need to export the private keys of my OKCash wallet and import them into the official OKCash application.

There support site is quite thorough and details the steps I need to obtain my privatekey and import in the OKCash application. There is, however, of course a problem.

Below you'll find my message to Coinomi support and their answer.
I hope someone here is able to help!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-------Answer from Coinomi----------
Hi Rowdy,

It appears that the website isn't generating valid private keys for OKCash. Please contact the OKCash team so they themselves can submit a correction to the page (it's an open source page, anyone can submit corrections). Once the fix is accepted you will he able to import the key normally into the wallet.

Kind Regards,
Coinomi Support

------My initial question----------
On Thu, 5 Nov at 1:09 AM , Rowdy van der Veen <[email protected]> wrote:

I'm hoping you can help me with my problem...
I had some OKCash in Coinomi and found out too late it was being delisted.
I followed to steps detailed on your excellent help page, and used to get the private keys.

On that page, i entered my BIP39 Mnemonic, selected OKCash and scrolled down to 'Derived Addresses'. I installed the official OKCash Wallet and went to the console and entered importprivkey #privatekey#
But no matter which private key I enter, I always get 'invalid private key code -5'.
I tried the key with and without double quotes (because it says to use qoutes in the OKCash manual), but to no avail.
I also tried the account extended private key, the BIP32 extended private key, some other private keys from the table, but I always get the same error.

Can you please help me get my funds back?

Development & Tech Discussion / Celebrate Okcash 6th bday with...
Last post by OKupdates - November 05, 2020, 06:20:47 am
New Release of the OK wallet!
Run Okcash everywhere on Linux as well with the new AppImage Releases!
Lets celebrate Okcash 6th year on Nov 24th 2020, join Discord on that day for nice rains by the community!
OK Wallets v5.0.0.5 core - Mandatory Upgrade if running older than v5.0.0.0

codename: Bliss

(/blɪs/) is a state of complete happiness or joy; a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness.

Change List 05-Nov-2020 - v5.0.0.5-core Bliss

    - Upgraded connections/ connect only to v5 clients (Network)
    - New pnseeds (Network)
    - Sec Checkpoints. (Security/Performance)
    - New appimage release for most linux distros (Archlinux, Centos, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu and more!)
      *: thanks to opensourcer2 for the request/feedback.

Before you can run an AppImage, you need to make it executable. This is a Linux security feature. There are three main ways to make an AppImage executable:

    With the GUI

    Open your file manager and browse to the location of the AppImage
    Right-click on the AppImage and click the 'Properties' entry
    Switch to the Permissions tab and
    Click the 'Allow executing file as program' checkbox if you are using a Nautilus-based file manager (Files, Nemo, Caja), or click the 'Is executable' checkbox if you are using Dolphin, or change the 'Execute' drop down list to 'Anyone' if you are using PCManFM
    Close the dialog
    Double-click on the AppImage file to run

    On the command line

chmod a+x Some.AppImage


Instructions for previous clients:

    Close your Okcash client, replace it with the v5.0.0.5 , open your client, you are done.
    (If cant sync, re-download the ok-blockchain)

Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by NasrulDp - October 20, 2020, 11:36:14 pm
Happy Halloween from the Okcash fam.
Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by mercurio - October 20, 2020, 07:39:44 pm
Happy Halloween from the Okcash fam
Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by syafa13 - October 20, 2020, 05:43:56 pm
Happy Halloween from the Okcash fam"
Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by Joshep_glez - October 20, 2020, 05:01:52 pm
Okcash family is te best

Happy Halloween from the Okcash Fam
Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by @Jrgg - October 20, 2020, 04:46:21 pm
cool. sent !!!! have fun
Okcash Discussion / Re: Happy Halloween from Okcas...
Last post by Csjoy0363 - October 20, 2020, 04:26:07 pm
If Anyone Ask Me, What Is OKCash?
Then at first i told him...
OKCash is a hybrid cryptocurrency that evolved into a full Proof of Stake (PoS) system. [Efficient & Energy Friendly]

Okcash is simple to use, efficient and sustainable, it boasts of a confirmation rate higher than most cryptocurrencies, fast speeds, low fees, long term sustainable staking, a secure messaging system and is ready for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Okcash is a decentralized and fast growing cryptocurrency / movement that was born on Nov 24th 2014. OK was mined (PoW-Scrypt) and evolved to be stake-able (PoS-LTSS-Sha256). Okcash is not a security, it never had an ICO, nor any kind of funding rounds. OK is self sustainable and is fully supported by voluntaries.
After all i say that, OKCash Is a Secure & Profitable Project In Crypto World, Just like Bitcoin

"Happy Halloween from the Okcash fam"
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