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leonArdo - Automated Trading Bot

leonArdo is a crypto trading platform that let's you directly
interact with market graphs to adapt orders. Use our automated trading strategies
to take the pain out of trading and set your hard earned [btc] to work for you.

How can you get your copy?
Just go to the website and click through to our Products section.
Use the referal "BTCStyle" post the tx id for your payment
and claim 100 Okcash (1 USD) extra in this thread

You can also download a demo version of leonArdo from the website to try it out before you buy it.

Who are we?

leonArdo was developed by three computer science graduates with a
passion for all things bitcoin! We have a combined 20 years of software
development experience and between us hold a PhD and two Masters
degrees. After developing our own bot and seeing how well it performed,
the idea to create a product for the crypto market hit us. We realized
that there was no existing software available that we would want to
use ourselves – so we created leonArdo!

What exactly is leonArdo?

leonArdo has been designed as a “visual” trading front-end
for different markets. However, rather than simply mimic market
websites, leonArdo provides a host of additional features that
significantly improve the trading experience.  leonArdo currently
supports Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC-e, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, OKCoin and
OKCoin CNY, but new market plugins are in the pipeline.

leonArdo has been developed from the ground up as an object
oriented C++ application. Using the features of C++ and Qt
allows us to provide a product that is super responsive and
completely intuitive to use.

In future releases, we plan to also provide an API that will allow other
programmers to implement custom trading strategies, which they
can sell independently of us. These strategies will be able to seamlessly
interact with leonArdo’s graphical user interface (i.e., react to mouse
interaction and augment graphs) in order to maintain a consistent
user experience.

How can you get your copy?
Just go to the website and click through to our Products section.
Use the referal "BTCStyle" post the tx id for your payment
and claim 100 Okcash (1 USD) extra in this thread

orig, support thread:

Projects Development / Okcash, Bitcoin, ROKOS, Coinfest - Official Firefox themes
« Last post by OKtoshi on February 16, 2017, 07:53:43 PM »

Official Firefox Themes
Bitcoin, Okcash, ROKOS, Coinfest

Dress up your Firefox web browser with Bitcoin, Okcash, ROKOS and Coinfest Themes!
Find them on the Firefox themes list or visit next link:


Gave chance for the rest,

I am working in the ok coinmap and android wallet to provide them and claim the bounties.
Open proposals / [Proposal] Promoplugs Social Action Bounty Giveaway Campaign
« Last post by promoplugs on February 13, 2017, 07:41:43 PM »
I'd like to offer my services to help promote OKCash!

PromoPlugs is a Social Media Bounty Campaign Manager. I originally built it to help manage and increase the performance of my Twitter Bounty Campaigns. Since then it's grown to perform far more than just Twitter Actions!

Our Campaigns have the following action types:
1. Tweet  - Tweet a message that you specify to claim bount
2. Retweet - Retweet a message of your choosing to claim bounty
3. Follow - Follow a Twitter Account to claim bounty
4. Watch Video - Watch an entire video without skipping to claim bounty
5. Visit Website - Open a webpage of your choosing to claim bounty
6. Manually Verified Action - Used with any website. User Follows your instructions and supplies identifiable info for you to verify the action was completed. (ex. You can require user to Vote on a site, and provide their username for you to verify it was completed.)
7. Download -Download a file to claim bounty

All actions require am Authorized Twitter account to complete. All Actions are Programatically verified that they are completed appropriately.

Our platform also automatically blocks duplicate twitter accounts, Fake accounts, and bots from entering.

Here's a link to our Demo Campaign that shows each action:

Here's a few example of Active Campaigns I'm running for other coins:

If you use my platform:
I'll promote your Campaign using my twitter account with ~3300 real followers.
I'll promote you on facebook with my PromoPlugs page with ~400 followers.
I'll promote your campaign via my Email Newsletter to my subscriber list of ~900 emails. You may include any propaganda you like in the Email I send to my subscribers. 
I'll set up and manage announcement Campaign threads here, at Bitcointalk, as well as at BitcoinGarden, and any other forums you'd like me to use.
I'll handle payouts of all bounty claims.
Currency exchange / New Trading Point and Information Center... The OKCash Embassy
« Last post by shbour on February 13, 2017, 07:05:53 PM »
New Trading Point and Information Center... The OKCash Embassy!! (Canada)

I'm pleased to announce that the very first OKCash Embassy website has been created for the community.

The OKCash Embassy offers multiple services.

  • We provide information about, what is OKCash, how to start and were to get some.
  • We can inform you about public ongoing projects and where to meet the community behind them
  • The Canadian Embassy, also provides a peer-to-peer trading point
Projects Development / First OKCash Embassy is officially public!! (Canada)
« Last post by shbour on February 13, 2017, 06:55:19 PM »
First OKCash Embassy is officially public!! (Canada)

I'm pleased to announce that the very first OKCash Embassy website has been created for the community.

This is the Canadian OK Embassy and I encourage everyone that wants to take the time and commitment
to have their own Embassy to do so for their Country.

Every OK Embassy can be different and if you make it in your own language, it's even better! Having an embassy
with different languages will increase the awareness and will be easier for foreign people that doesn't speak English
or barely, to have the information in their language.

If you don’t wish to add trading OK with your Local Fiat currency, you don’t need to have the trading pages.
Hi there.  I'm 'FeelTheBurn' from Georgia/United States!  I'm digging the new project!

I am F00DST4MP.  Done, done, and done!  Good luck!

New Okcash video
You are Great! Get empowered with the future of smart money

Projects Development / New Okcash radio ads over
« Last post by okheymos on February 12, 2017, 03:31:08 AM »
New Okcash ads for radio

Okcash ad for radio released, will be aired for the next 6 months over The Bitcoin Talk Radio,
reaching a whole new audience and users while it keeps growing over digital media.

Commercials air every 2 hours on BitcoinTalkRadio
(on air since 11-feb-2017 for the next 6 months)

Listen to the Bitcoin Talk Radio

On Amazon Echo: Just say Alexa, play BitcoinTalkRadio!

Tune in:

Thanks Cgb, Ultra and Oktoshi.
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