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Projects Development / First OKCash Embassy is officially public!! (Canada)
« Last post by shbour on February 13, 2017, 06:55:19 PM »
First OKCash Embassy is officially public!! (Canada)

I'm pleased to announce that the very first OKCash Embassy website has been created for the community.

This is the Canadian OK Embassy and I encourage everyone that wants to take the time and commitment
to have their own Embassy to do so for their Country.

Every OK Embassy can be different and if you make it in your own language, it's even better! Having an embassy
with different languages will increase the awareness and will be easier for foreign people that doesn't speak English
or barely, to have the information in their language.

If you donít wish to add trading OK with your Local Fiat currency, you donít need to have the trading pages.
Hi there.  I'm 'FeelTheBurn' from Georgia/United States!  I'm digging the new project!

I am F00DST4MP.  Done, done, and done!  Good luck!

New Okcash video
You are Great! Get empowered with the future of smart money

Projects Development / New Okcash radio ads over
« Last post by okheymos on February 12, 2017, 03:31:08 AM »
New Okcash ads for radio

Okcash ad for radio released, will be aired for the next 6 months over The Bitcoin Talk Radio,
reaching a whole new audience and users while it keeps growing over digital media.

Commercials air every 2 hours on BitcoinTalkRadio
(on air since 11-feb-2017 for the next 6 months)

Listen to the Bitcoin Talk Radio

On Amazon Echo: Just say Alexa, play BitcoinTalkRadio!

Tune in:

Thanks Cgb, Ultra and Oktoshi.
Projects Development / Buy Anonymous web hosting with Okcash and Bitcoin
« Last post by okheymos on February 10, 2017, 07:23:23 AM »

Use Bitcoin and Okcash to buy Anonymous Hosting

With Bitcoin rising and Okcash increasing the exposition and adoption rate, it starts to attract the attention of different companies, websites, and online shops. Recently, it attracted the attention of a web hosting company called discreetwebhosting ó Discreet & Anonymous Web Hosting. They got their company and services registered to the OKMap, their first step into adopting and accepting Okcash.

Read More:


Register your bussiness over the OKMap:


I'm SoCalGuy and I'm very social on the web but an introvert in real life. :)

I became active with coins back in Sept. I found OKCash after someone posted a link from the Adsactly server. I clicked on it and the rest is history. I look forward to becoming active with the community and the one on the Discord server.




Hi! im from....

Welcome to your forums!  8) Sent to everyone so far.
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