【ANN】 [POOL] World Mobile Coin (WMCC) Pool - X15

Started by worldmobilecoin, November 30, 2018, 11:11:17 pm

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Pool URL : https://wmccpool.com/
WMCC Coin Thread: Here
WMCC Wallet to create wmcc address: Official Website
Join Discussion On Telegram: Telegram
Run your own pool Source Code: GitHub

-No need registration.
-Autopayout after 100 blocks.
-Low fee - 1.0% only.
-Compatible with NiceHash or other X15 rental mining services.
-Payment paid direct to your wmcc address.

Pool Configuration:
SERVER HOSTNAME: stratum+tcp://wmccpool.com
Port: 5880,5881,5882,5883

Mining Appilcation:

Algo: x15
Extranonce: Uncheck

AMD - SGminer - sgminer --algorithm bitblock -o [HOSTNAME]:[PORT] -u [WMCC_ADDRESS] -p [PASSWORD]
NVIDIA - CCminer - ccminer -a x15 -o [HOSTNAME]:[PORT] -u [WMCC_ADDRESS] -p [PASSWORD]

Exchange: Built-In(Coming Soon), BisQ


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