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OK DOGE MEME CONTEST 50,000 Doge + 2,250 Okcash in prizes! (done)

Started by CryptoGermanBro, September 15, 2016, 04:33:28 PM

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DOGE IS OK Giveaway

Well some of you know for sure that i'm an big Dogecoinbeliever from the start, and that i also fell in love with OKCash!  :D
So why not have fun with both?

Do an collaboration MEME of OKCASH and DOGE, whatever comes in your mind: Best 3 MEMEs will be rewarded:

1. Place: 25,000 DOGE and 1000 OKCash
2. Place: 15,000 DOGE and 750 OKCash
3. Place: 10,000 DOGE and 500 OKCash

End of contest: 30th of september, to take part:

1. Create your great MEME!
2. Join http://discord.me/cryptocurrency
3. Post your MEME in this thread
4. Post your MEME on Twitter with #DOGEISOK #DOGE and #OKCASH tags

The MEME with the most likes and retweets wins the race!

There is no limit of how much MEMEs you are allowed to make, the more you do, the better your chances! :)