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Project Ideas for OKCASH development and CASH Promoting

Started by AU_AG, September 16, 2016, 09:21:35 PM

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Point of this post is to put forth Ideas and how to Promote OKCash.

1.) Uberpay wallet on Android is a great way to store your OKCash

2.) OKCash QT needs to be auto bootstrapped.

3.) Promoting on social media specifically to businesses

4.) A new ANDROID wallet needs to be developed so it can stake (Jiggle it and get coins)

5.) A IOS wallet needs to be developed

6.) Every spent coin should also have a auto charity fee of .0001 just like the miner fee ( This is cash for the community)

7.) We need a market place. Where we can Buy things from amazon and ebay with OKCash useing  their Product API incorporated into the site.

8.) Get listed on a Chinese exchange

9.) Make a exchange that only has OKCash, BTC, LTC to give OKCash Liquidity and to tell the General Public we are a crypto standard.


These are all Great Ideas. Lets start with 1 through 4 and than we will do the rest. A Decentralized Exchange that is backed by OKCash would be hard to pull off I think it would be much better for us to pursue getting listed on Openledger.


Lots to unpack here :)

4 and 5 ) iOS and android wallets are in bounty, once we find a price and a supplier of product we are good to go :)

2 ) Auto-bootstrap is highly frowned upon.  I agree, makes it much easier for the user, but it opens OK to a large security risk.  Bad actors can use this auto function to fork the network.

3) totally!  CGB seems to be heading up business relations, if you are intersted contact him,  i do twitter socially.

7) Open Bazar and Cryptopia both have OKCash as an option for pay, what would you like to do outside of these?

9) We are on a few already, getting to Polo where alot of BTC is stored would provide a greater benefit.  However, litecoin's growth strategy used to be, just one more exchange, just one more exchange, it works only to a certain extent.  Liquidity comes from 1 solid market, more markets just adds for ease of use and arbitrage IMHO