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(Closed) ADSactly Units for ALL OKCash Holders!!!

Started by adsactly, September 17, 2016, 12:17:50 AM

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If you are an OKCash Holder we will give ADSactly Units
to ALL OKCash Holders that do 3 Simple Steps.

1. Signup to the http://okcashtalk.org Forum.

2. Signup to http://account.horizonplatform.io

3. Signup to http://discord.me/adsactly

4. Reply to this Post regarding ADSactly Units on the Forum
with your Horizon Account ID and your OKCash Balance /
OKCash Address

Depending on how many OKCash you are HOLDING you
will receive a small or large portion of ADSactly Units
into your Horizon Platform Account

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My Horizon platform ID is - NHZ-DS9R-S33K-QKW3-FSMEJ

My Okcash balance is saved on different exchanges and amounts to a total of 15647 on Bleutrade, Bittrex and Cryptopia.


OK I am going to Send you 1000 Horizon + 10 ADSactly Units keep in mind this is currently being offered for 0.00002100 SATS each
Enjoy your Gift it is coming soon.


my id is NHZ-WH2P-JJND-5365-C5X2U
my okcash address is PVB72tsJ2Tv7my8BUfFfPFARtsHnTJFwVy , i currently hold 1042.94699688 in my wallet , thanks


OK 1000 Horizon and 10 ADSactly Units on its way to you. :)



My Horizons is NHZ-94R8-K45B-KZ2M-H5BKD

I have more than 1000 OK on poswallet and 100 on Cryptopia...




BURST address: BURST-V7NH-VG69-BZD3-3S2V7

I hold about 123k OK on my Pi :D



Quote from: wolfinger1 on October 09, 2016, 07:16:18 AM
Is the offer still good?

Yes, we need 10 of us. This offer is available to anybody that finds it and does what we ask.

There is one small addition that we are making which will be regarding joining the ADSactly
Discord Server.


Holding about 32k OKCash

joined Discord @FatB



my account ID on horizon is NHZ-TRC9-GF5C-GX4W-DBXEB
my STAKED OK is at PMgoazdTMPMatxR1WWEA4QEgc3NHxGCXC1   has a balance of 1000 OK, although i have about 1800 on the exchanges (bittrex and bleu) that i should probably get around to sending to my staking wallet. joined discord @abvhiael if i disremember incorrectly.....

anyhow, the exchange looks great, going thru some of the tutorials, hope to see some adoption and volume there. will keep an eye on it. what is your policy for adding on existing altcoins to the exchange? i am part of the development team of an active currency (18 month old blockchain) and id like to see it listed on these sorts of innovative exchanges, even in their early adoptive stages.... could you PM to discuss this here or on bitcointalk (username there same as here: abhvhiael)