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How to backup your OKCash wallet (Ubuntu)

Started by shbour, October 18, 2016, 07:22:40 PM

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Video Tutorial on how to backup your OKCash wallet on Ubuntu Linux

This is a small tutorial on how to backup your OKCash wallet just in case something ever happens to your devices storing it or if you just want to transfer it.

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Welcome back OKCash community

Today's video will be about how to backup your wallet properly

To do so you will need to go to the main OKCash folder and go
check where is the wallet.dat file

But first let's open our current wallet to have a look at the address

The main folder is located there ~/.okcash

From here we can open our wallet

This is our wallet address which contains our private keys and our Oks

Let's copy the wallet.dat file on our Desktop

Now that it is on the Desktop it's easier access, from here we will want to compress it

Now we have our zipped file we can delete the wallet.dat from the Desktop for a
more realistic example.

Let's delete the wallet from the main directory as well

Oh no! I lost all my Oks

But what happens if I just restart the wallet?


Was that my old address? Let's go see


Nope! Defenitely not my old address which means I lost my private key and all my Oks

Let's get the old wallet back now!

First let's delete the new wallet file

Now let's unzip the wallet

Now we have to copy it in the .okcash folder where the new one and old one were

Yay the wallet.dat is there! Is the really the old one tho????


Let's go get the other addresses!

Yay! Now we can see the third address (the one that was zipped) matches the old one!

I have all my Oks back :D !!

Thanks for watching and keep in mind that you should store your zipped wallet in
a secure location where you can't lose it or destroy it.

If something happens while you experiment, I am not responsible to any Oks lost!

Hope you enjoyed and see you around!