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PosWallet.com - Staking for people who cant stake at their pc or other devices

Started by manzoor, October 22, 2016, 05:04:26 PM

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Hey guys, ok so i found a site www.poswallet.com

which was also suggested to me by oktoshi to check if it was possible to stake okcash without a pc (my grafics blew up long story)...

So anyways I just deposited around 70ok just to chk their staking capabilities and the transaction was instant...

Once an average staking starts there I'll post daily staking stats from their web...

Be advised I have already deposited around 90 million strb on poswallet also to check that coin staking also
so will post that also when their maintenance on that coin is also done.

Hope this topic will help more people to come in the future : My Pos link if you are happy with my findings :)


Hey everyone,

Just here to poat thr first update from www.poswallet.com staking experiment. Since i invested, it has staked 2 times please find the attached screenshots... As i dont have a pc at the moment so using my phone for it so please bare with me :)

So it has started staking so far so good... Lets see more progress on this part.
Will report more updates soon guys :)

My Pos link if you are happy with my findings :)


Hey everyone, just a brief update...

I have received a generous balance to invest in my experiment at poswallet by CG฿ 1500 ok from which i deposited 1490 to poswallet and 10 i have kep to stake at the okcash main discord channel also :) luvya CG฿


Hey everyone,
Slight update... Poswallet has stopped staking since 2 days... I had a chat with the admin he said that its under maintenance lets see what happens...
The Strb i mentioned earlier that have also been deposited, the strb wallet is also under maintenance... I don't know whats gonna happen....but my wavky senses are tingling if you get my drift... ;) stay tuned for more updates :)


Hi everyone,
Had to make the decision of pulling out of poswallet... No staking on ok since 22oct and my senses were just telling me pull out before u loose everything :) if it comes back i dont mind going back in but as my investment was originally donated by a friend from the ok team i dont want it getting lost or scammed :)

I shall be back with more info :) lets see if we can find another place for staking okcash online. Till then its me Manzoor signin off :)


Hey everyone.
Quick update, after chatting with the admin at podwallet and finding out that they have been having issues with the okcash wallet ... I redeposited my coins there again to continue my experiment but it has since not staked after the passage of 8 hours... Today will be the last day that i do this experiment at poswallet after ehich i shall switch to btcpop which is a btc loaning service with a strong backbone n security; and has just started an exchange where i have been notified by the creator of okcash that they will be doing staking for okcash also.

So all in all lets see what happens with poswallet. Its been a round journey with the place lets hope it ends well, i have actually lost ok in deposits and withdrawls at this place so far :P its alright all in the name of progress hhee:)


I didn't like the poswallet from the beginning, hence I didn't even bothered to open an account on their site... The first red flag was rised by the (almost) complete lack of company info. I admit the bias of a previous unpleasant experience with staisybit, but at least there were a couple of RL identifiable guys that could pull a few strings around the staisybit's dev/operator (and thanks to them for that!).
The second red flag was the absence of a "terms and conditions" page and the absence of a "privacy policy"... let alone a FAQ.
All in all, you better get an inexpensive piece of hardware like a Raspberry/Banana Pi or a Pine64, a 16GB SDcard (class 6 would be just fine and less costly than a cheap class 10), install ROKOS and stake like a champ. For those in Microsoft's leash, a second-hand laptop under $150 would be much better...
I wish that poswallet will prove me wrong, but I doubt it. In the long term, greed overcomes even the best of intentions, more so when no enforceable contract is involved.


Hehe thank you for replying to my post rmd:)

Well i did wothdraw my ok from poswallet... Not staking since. Whole week... Not risking it anymore. :) and the raspeberry pi idea is good i have actually ordered 1 for myself :).

The basic idea of this post is to let people know if they can stake OK with a pc online at various websites :)