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OKcash's - Free-Energy Research Group

Started by Kultus, November 02, 2016, 01:51:18 AM

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Supported by the Okcash community This thread will be devoted to discussion of Free energy, Free energy researchers, we shall break out from this small thread over time, but for now I am here to introduce myself.

I am Kultus Nagrand, from Australia, I have been working on a proof of concept motor to prove the usability of atmospheric energy, I am also the head of our (okcash's) new Free energy R&D department.

I have for the last few weeks been running a competition on my youtube channel which you are all welcome to join in on and win yourself some excellent prizes and to add to it, any user of OKcash who wins will also receive 1000 OKcash  just let me know if you are selected as a winner you are a user of OKcash and your wallet address. The Competition is open worldwide, but has just a few short days left in it, so get cracking check the link below.

I am open to talking about my work, my ideas are all free sourced and given away to the public domain for free. once in public domain, they can never be patented or owned by one entity or person.

My Website where all I work on is released once completed, I have made this myself with no real web building skills to be honest. but it serves it purpose www.kultus.weebly.com

More info on the event invite:

For those of you electrically minded and want to win some prizes, here is a competition currently being run on my youtube channel, near 300 bux worth of prizes donated by a friend who work at a local electronics distributor


Only a few short days left of the comp so get in quick, watch a few videos about my work, enter and win some awesome prizes.

I will add 1000 OK cash to any okcash users / winners  prizes just cause <3


Awesome! Only took a minute to get entries!  Can't wait to see this project unfold :)