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Tesla's WardenClyffe Tower

Started by Kultus, November 05, 2016, 07:52:22 PM

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Nikola Tesla, the man responsible for everything from AC electricity that powers our homes today to radio and many other things. It is believed he held over 500 patents at his death (thought only some 260 od have been found)  and was man to never oversell himself. Everything Tesla said he could do he did, providing the funding were available.

One of the things he set out to do, only to have the funding pulled, was a radio tower, named Wardenclyffe, this tower was the provide wireless electricity, but with one added bonus, Tesla stated it would be done with little initial power to start it up, from there on, it would run on it's own.

Of course this sound controversial maybe even farfetched, however we must only look at the man making the statements and his previous accomplishments to note, he was a man of his word. I will leave you all a videos and a link for you to begin your own research into Tesla himself and you can make up your own mind. To me the man was genius before his time who only failed because of others greediness.

[youtube width=600 height=400]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZkkHhyWFus[/youtube]

A list of Patents secured by Tesla during his lifetime. it is believed there are many more we have no access to or have not been found, but none the list a very long list all the same.

You will find once we start research of these works and others of Tesla in the Childboard. "Replications"