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Okcash Price Ticker - OK extension for Google Chrome

Started by Demartini, November 11, 2016, 01:17:13 AM

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Hello guys!

Today I would like to introduce and share with you another work for the Okcash community!

The OK extension for Google Chrome: Okcash Price Ticker

What does the extension do?

Displays the last Okcash rate/price at the following exchanges:

The price it's updated every 60 seconds or when you clicks on the icon.

You have possibility to configure notifications so user gets notified when the rate/price rises over or falls below configured threshold. Once the limit is met, user is notified and the limit is set to that value, this is repeated every time new limit is crossed. To disable the notifications or set a new limit go to options panel if you get annoyed. xD

The colours badge change when the rate/price up and down.
Black: Rate/price did not change from last fetch.
Green: Rate/price went up.
Red: Rate/price went down.

Depending on the rate/price it might not fit very well. Just hover on the icon badge and the full rate/price it's displaying.

Note 1: Keep in mind that faults happen and will happen, should any of the apis leave the air or enter maintenance, for example.
Note 2: This extension is based on Bitstamp BTC price by Tanel Puhu.

Link for the extension: http://bit.ly/OkcashExtension

If you like this, you can donate, this are my personal donation addresses:
BTC: 1GeyTV39dvSzHJbZXha1r3UbMYKrG3Dcva
DOGE: DJDfngbVFmvekrAqaLBga4VgtsiJtpMn98

This is not an official plugin!
The author of this plugin has no affiliation with any exchange, nor is this plugin endorsed or supported in any shape by none of them. More info about the exchanges you can find on their respective websites.


Thanks Demartini!

I no longer have to go on bittrex to see the price of OKCash :D