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[SOLVED] Bitcoin-qt Randomly Crashing

Started by TheBanksLife, March 14, 2017, 02:31:17 PM

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Bitcoin Client Software and Version Number: Bitcoin Core QT 0.13.1 AND 0.14.0
Operating System: ROKOS V7
System Hardware Specs: Raspberry PI 3
Description of Problem: Bitcoin-qt will continuously crash at random times and the error log doesn't seem to say why.
Any Related Addresses: N/A
Any Related Transaction IDs: N/A
Screenshot of the problem: N/A
Log Files from the Bitcoin Client: http://satoshispalace.com/debug.log

- I've tried wiping everything and starting with a "fresh" install of ROKOS 7.
- The issue appears to be worse with 0.14.0, but both versions crash. (not sure if it's just bad timing when I check on it)
- I downloaded the blockchain on my computer then switched it over due to the terrible download time using the Raspberry PI.
- Strangely when I download the blockchain on my main computer and it's right up to date and then I transfer the files/folers over to the Raspberry, the wallet stays open at least 6- 10 hours. However when the wallet crashes and it says it's catching up on a couple days / hours is when it tends to freeze.
- I'm using the Raspberry for strictly the wallet, not trying to run any additional applications.

I've tried with and without setting my peer connection limit to 8, also have tried adjusting my db mem cache to 100mb.

I've uploaded the debug.log which can be viewed at the link above. Hopefully someone can help!


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Issue has temporarily been solved. I've now been able to run the wallet for 48 hours without a crash! Although it wasn't the best solution, it works!