Coinfest UK 2017 - Conference - special guest: Okcash | 1.5 btc needed

Started by shbour, January 26, 2017, 11:52:24 am

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Greetings everyone!

I normally would not ask directly for funds from the
community, but there is an exciting oportunity for OKCash
as a community.

In April 2017, there's an event called the CoinFest
that will be made in UK. The CoinFestUK is an event
made to rise awareness on different cryptocurrencies,
about their projects and goals, and Okcash is invited to
be part in the event and have its own conference time
to present the project to the attendees.

The event is scheduled for April 7th and 8th. I feel honored that
the community and leaders have appointed me to assist in OK representation.
My presence there will allow the OKCash community to have
a spoke person to explain what we do and answer some
questions that people visiting the event might have
about what we do or in a more general way, know what
OKCash is all about and why we are the future of cash
along with Bitcoin. ROKOS OK Bitcoin Fullnode OS will have
an own stand as well with some OK and ROKOS information materials,
I will be helping with the ROKOS stand by answering questions and
will also have some paper wallets giveaways for the assistants.

As discussed with the event organiser Adam Rizvi,
I will be talking for approximately 30 minutes, just
like a Ted Talk show if you are familiar with them,
Will talk about OKCash, the vision we share,
what's behind it and what we are currently doing.

However, for me to be able to do so, need the support of
the community if we want to participate in the event and give
Okcash it deserved exposure, as I lack of
funds for the trip myself.

The logistics to attend to the event will involve
a plane ticket from Canada to Manchester's airport,
2-3 nights in a motel/hotel/B&B or similar,
food for the 3-4 days that I will spend there and transport.

As of right now, with the research I've made to plan the trip,
we would require to gather a fund of 1.5 BTC that
will be needed to cover all costs for the trip to attend the event.

Keep in mind that this is not a "vacation trip" but more a "community/work trip"
to talk about the Okcash community and project, increase its reach, adoption
and help rise awareness about it.

To help me rise the funds and support our community have a strong presence at the event,

you can send Bitcoins at the address: 19zAPGvqvDBSruZaAR1S8Q6QBzrMKM4ob8

or OK to the donation address: PWHJuVDaB5E6BRp2kAmgynW8cErZMZWSq3

Thanks for your support in making it a reality! One for All and All for One.  ~Shbour