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OkCash Project A-01 solar raspberry pi powering.

Started by dmd79, January 26, 2017, 03:21:42 am

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good day folks.

For the time being until Kultus gets back, i am going to try and help with the solar energy project to run 1 raspberry pi via solar energy and battery banks 24/7 365.

to start with, this is the data we will be working with.

so if we are working on just 1 pi to start with we require 288 watts a day

1 rasp pi uses 12 wph (watts per hour)
24 hours x 12 wph=288 watts per hour
288 watts per hour/5 hours of sunshine (estimate) = 60 watt solar panel

so the sun runs the pi for 5 hours
then a back up battery for the remaining 19

19 dark hours = 19hx12w=228wh/80% loss = 285wh (watt hour) battery needed.

All figures and data has been kindly provided by our team @ mobisun.

so what we need for this project to further is
solar panel 60-100 watts
battery bank 300watts-1kw of storage.

power storage is pretty expensive nowadays, but there are other ideas out there where by we could maybe build our own battery banks.

please feel free to discuss,ask or participate in this project, as a 100% efficiently run raspberry pi that can stake and  run the okcash wallet without using power from the grid.

thank you.