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OKBets feature poll

Started by OKBets, April 27, 2017, 01:50:33 PM

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Should I change the .buyok and .sellok commands

Yes, link both of them to bittrex
Yes, but only .buyok
No, keep it as it is right now


Hey guys, OKBetswith a few questions on features on OKBets.
As some of you may have noticed, the built-in OKCash market in OKBets is not being used at all apart from some troll prices, so I figured I had to switch it up. I could change OKBets so that the market will be linked to bittrex but there are a few risks to this (most of which are for me) so I wanted to gauge interest before beginning.
I have a few options on how to do this, I could allow users to buy/sell whatever they want but this could lead to the bot having too little of one currency and too much of the other which would mean people wouldn't be able to withdraw their OKCash, I could also only allow the buying of OKCash which would limit the chances of this happening (and allow me to create a safety net for it due to the fast confirmations on OKCash :P)

tl;dr Should I change the .buyok/.sellok feature to be linked with bittrex instead of its own market & should I keep  .sellok

Link both to bittrex:
The bot can have too little balance on either bittrex or the bot itself which would stop people from buying/selling OK and withdrawing from OKBets
Link buying to bittrex:
The bot can have too little balance on bittrex which would halt the buying of OK, There can't be any withdrawal issues if done correctly
Do nothing:
The feature won't be used.

You can also vote on http://www.strawpoll.me/12838815 if you don't have a forum account



 :P :P :P :P
I think the second option would be a good choice