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2 NEW dnsnodes for OKCash Users! WELCOME EUROPE AND TOKYO!

Started by OKTriggered, May 01, 2017, 02:04:39 PM

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Hello Guys and Gals ;)

Its your friend OKTriggered here making an "official" post after the announcement I made on the discord... Today its about the 2 new dnsnodes that I have set up in both Europe and Asia.
Specifically, these are located in London and Tokyo. These run the full OKCash blockchain and have kindly been added to the main seed nodes by toshi, making your experience of syncing and downloading the blockchain a whole lot better.

What I didn't mention in the discord announcement is that I am paying these with my own pocket money and any money I get from working etc...

To help me keep running these servers, I'd appreciate it if people would donate a small sum :)
NOTE: (Its not compulsory that you donate, but anything the address mentioned below receives will go towards upgrading the servers to make it a better experience for everyone and you will receive 1 virtual OK hug from me too  ;) )


Thank you very much guys and I hope you have a very good day :D