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ROKOS v8 Flavors for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 - Released with your favorite Cryptos

Started by OKupdates, May 23, 2017, 09:29:22 PM

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ROKOS v8 Flavors - Released
Download the latest ROKOS Flavors versions at: rokos-flavors.space

ROKOS v8 "Flavors" for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 IoT Devices Released. Full Altcoins OK Clients, nodes and much more. Faster, Easier, Stronger.

ROKOS flavors • OS for Raspberry Pi, zero, 2, 3, BananaPi PRO, PINE64+ and more IoT
Devices With OK, Altcoins Full nodes - Cryptocurrency Clients/Nodes Support

Just Download and Burn to Start your own OK and Altcoins Full nodes

The Best Cryptocurrencies and the Internet of Things
Core: Debian based OS with integrated Bitcoin OK and your Favorite Cryptocurrency Clients, Nodes and Open Bazaar server ready for use.

-- Latest Release --

ROKOS v8 "flavors"  for Raspberry Pi 2, 3
Full Bitcoin OK and your Favorite Cryptocurrency Clients, nodes and much more. Faster, Easier, Stronger.

We support the new technology and uses for cryptocurrencies in the Raspberry Pi , Bananapi, Pine64+ and IoT environments, hence we came up with a Free solution for every IoT enthusiasts, developers, users, services that want to use their IoT devices with Bitcoin, OK and your favorite Cryptocurrencies, or that would like to turn their Pi into a Staking device.

ROKOS comes with your Favorite Cryptocurrency Full node or client among other goodies while providing the users with the best and easier Out of the Box experience; The favorite toolbox for developers and new users alike.

v8 "Flavors"

The First OS image release that merges the full power of Raspberry Pi zero, 2, 3, Banana Pi PRO, Pine64+ & IoT Devices with Bitcoin OK and Cryptocurrencies:
- ROKOS v8 "flavors" comes with integrated OK, Bitcoin and Altcoins Clients / nodes, OpenBazaar server, Dev tools, cgminer deps, etc.

Distribution aimed for everyone, from new IoT users to IoT Developers, Ease of use Out of the Box.
Download & Burn, Ready for use.

ROKOS v8 "flavors":
- Raspberry Pi zero, 2, 3. - ready for download
- Pine64+ - coming update
- Banana Pi - coming update

- Min 16gb SD card and an External device (usb / hdd / ssd). To sync the BTC chain on the external device instead of the SD card, BTC chain alone is around 110gb.

Some of the ROKOS flavors v8 features are

- Integrated Currencies: Bitcoin v0.14 - OKCash v4.0.0.4 - Blackcoin v1.2.4 - Dash v0.12.1.5 - Diamond v2.1.0.4 - Digitalcoin v3 - Einsteinium v0.9.2 - Energycoin v1.5.1 - Europecoin v3.0.2 - Expanse v1.6 - Gamecredits v0.9.4.4 - Kobocoin v2.1.0.3 - Mojo v3.0.0.5 - Monetaryunit v1.0.10.8 - Soil v1.6.1 - Transfercoin v1.2.4.
- Updated OpenBazaar server.
- Full burnable OS Compatible with the Raspberry Pi, Pine64+ and IoT devices.
- Full System / Programs Upgrade.
- Full Design Upgrade.
- Firefox/Chrome browser added. (depends on version)
- Autolog.
- Debian/Xubuntu/Ubuntu/Raspbian/Linux based. (depends on version)
- Java Dev Tools.
- Easier to Use mod Update.
- Security and Optimization Update.
- CGMiner ready. (dependencies included for compilation)
- Includes Qt and complete set of Dev tools (For developers)
- Works with other cryptocurrencies.
- nodejs.
- 1024 mb swap mod.
- Custom Login and Wallpapers.
- BTC and OK nodes at /usr/local/bin/
- Easy Clients / Nodes Upgrades.
- Custom OK-Scripts to ease the user experience.
- Direct access to the Clients Via: Task bar and Menu > Blockchain.

ROKOS constantly evolves and releases new Versions based on:
- Security, Chain, Technology, and Design updates.
- Ease of access and use for the final users.
- More Cryptocurrencies are integrated for an Out of the Box experience in ROKOS FLAVORS.
- More wallets, programs or features, based on users/communities/developers feedback, support and/or cross-collaborations.

ROKOS History of previous releases link.

ROKOS v8 "flavors" for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 screen shot

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