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Diamond Wallet after blockchain import not working

Started by pav, May 29, 2017, 07:23:27 pm

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HI. I have an issue diamond wallet. It crashed after synchronising about 20% of blockchain, then would not start. So I've cleared all but wallet.dat . To speed it up I've downloaded and uziped whole blockchain from their website and I got an error. Then even copy of the latest synch blockchain one their developer posted to me - the same error.  Error initialising database environment /home/pi.Diamond! When I delete all data but wallet.dat then the wallet starts. Any ideas how use downloaded blockchain?


I've posted this question in Diamon Slack channel and two opinions come back:
1- You need reading and writing rights in the diamond folder!
2- technically the problem can be what way of database the rokos compiled DMD wallet accept might deepend on the way they compiled the wallet
its possible they compiled it in a way incoimbatible with the presynmced chains we have as download in that case one rokos v8 DMD guy need to sync and upload the database which can be used by other rokos v8 DMD users.

Does anybody have experience with any of the above?