[Solved] I can't sync the ok cash blockchain with the script ./ok-sync-arm64.sh

Started by billy, June 20, 2017, 09:21:03 am

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Hi there

I have installed 3 OKcash full nodes with rokos 8 core and raspberry pi 3 without any problem, but trying to install the forth is almost imposible, when I execute sudo ./ok-sync-arm64.sh it dowload the zip file, unzip it but when finish "inflating" always says:

touch: cannot touch /home/root/.okcash/okcash.conf: no such file or directory
./ok-sync-arm64.sh line 38 /home/root/.okcash/okcash.conf: no such file or directory

and when I open the wallet starts to sync the whole blockchain, I have tried this lots of times, even with a new sd card and other rpi3 device but happens the same. I can't understand what happens cause as I told before I have configure/install 3 devices without any problem. can anybody help me?

Thanks you so much


 :-[ :-[ :-[ Thank you very much, I was blocked and bullheaded :P :P :P :P

Have a nice week  :)  :)