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OKCash  —  sleeping #1 IoT Gaming Giant!

Started by okheymos, July 04, 2017, 04:50:10 pm

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July 04, 2017, 04:50:10 pm Last Edit: July 04, 2017, 04:52:07 pm by okheymos
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Celebrate your Independence Day with the Number 1 IoT, Internet of Things, Coin! OKCash.

IoT is the inter-networking of devices such as electronics and software that exchange data. Gaming Communities continue to exchange a massive amount of information including financial transactions. Amidst this explosion of opportunity, OKCash has continued to exceed expectations since 2014. Over 200 thousand Twitter followers, 60 thousand followers on Facebook, and Asian E-sports Gamers already know what their team has accomplished. Now, a new dawn invites the world to wake up and join the fireworks that OKCash has planned for everyone, everywhere, everyday in 2017.

    With the addition of Department of Artificial Intelligence at Charles University in Prague, the team is excited to invite you to share in it's shining success.

Yes, a new Roadmap and website redesign are on the way! Already a part of Microsoft Azure's BaaS ecosystem since 2016, the team is developing ROKOS system, enabling cryptocurrencies to continue running seamlessly on IoT devices. But what really excites the 40 devoted active developers for OKCash are the Five Focus Points that they are bringing to reality this year.

1) Social payment system with zero fees, instant transactions, and "OK feel".

2) IRL tournaments for small, durable and secure IoT devices such as Geocaching.

3) Commercial gaming tournaments for a variety of mobile games, MMO plugins, such as LoL & HearthStone.

4) Connecting Online gambling, e-sports, & casino businesses.

5) Contributing to Community Causes. OKCash is partnering with Direct help & Prosperity, allowing gamers to provide help on a global scale.

So not only is the project moving ahead with aggressive financial and technical potential, they realize we are all human, all in this together, and are giving back to communities in need. What other project can say that? Who really is OKCash's competition? GameCredits, which is also part of the Microsoft Azure Network, is maybe the closest competitor, sitting at a $200 million dollar market cap compared to OKCash's sub $10 million dollar cap. Game was also listed below $10 million dollars before being added to Poloniex. It certainly benefited from the recent boom recently in January for all Altcoins. Poloniex currently carries 90% of the volume for Alts. However they continue to show a track record of being incapable of adapting to the professional environment required of the rising Alt Coin revolution. OK Cash is currently not listed on Poloniex, and perhaps when they are, the price might go up. But with so much uncertainty around Poloniex, and with the rising number of decentralized exchanges, the game is going to change. But the true value, capabilities, and commitment of the OK Cash Team will continue to march on.

To celebrate this inevitable success, OKCash has launched OKBets and invites you to join in on the fun and the rewards!


OKBets Offers:

- Faucet

- Referral system

- "Bet-Mining" OKCash

- Provably fair OKCash and Bitcoin betting

- Jackpot games

- Tipping & rains

- Dice

For more information on OKCash follow these links to your IoT, Gaming, & Financial Independence.

Let the fireworks begin & never end!
To the Moon!

By: MarcelV

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