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Okcash Mee6 Discord Giveaway

Started by makayla, July 06, 2017, 08:08:25 PM

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Hey everyone, its Makayla  ;)

i finally decided to come onto the forum to announce my very first month long giveaway event, its focused twords people on the OKcash discord.

All you have to do is be the person who gains the most ranks/EXP by the end of the month,
the pre snapshot results are on my github page located on https://darkshadow97056.github.io/mee6ranks/

and I also have took the time to update the list on a separate repo located on https://darkshadow97056.github.io/activemee6check/ on a daily basis,
the winner of the event will be rewarded 20 OK (or more if im feeling generous)

provided that I can visably verify that they have not cheated the rank system in any way through botting or other means,
I have excluded Barnz1E from winning purely because they will soak/rain the winnings back to the community anyways,
and its not very fun if you have a long lasting win anyways ;)

If you havent already joined the discord then please do so.

there are sadly some limitations that mee6 has on this.

mee6 can only record the top 100 users on the server, so sadly anyone below that will not be able to win the 20 OK BUT DO NOT FRET
i will be soaking/raining participation rewards (equal to the winners amount) to the community, so its a win win.

in the end this is all a win/win for the community for a bit of competition to spice it up for fun,
no harm is meant to come out of this so i really dont want to see people arguing over any of this (please)

love you all, good luck in the month.


Behahahaha.. got it buddy... I have this will be a great Giveaway..

Thank you very much