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[Solved] blkindex.dat error

Started by normskis69, August 24, 2017, 09:56:59 PM

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I downloaded OKcash wallet for windows.  Installed and it was about 60% through syncing.

During this time I sent all my OKcash to the wallet address.

Something happened and the wallet crashed.  After that I had all sorts of errors.

Uninstalled, then reinstalled.  Now have the blkindex.dat error.

Have I lost all my OKcash? 

Is there any way for me to recover my OKcash without having to try and fix the wallet and attempt to download the blockchain for three days again?


I fixed it by downloading the blockchain file and sending it to the OKcash appdata folder.  Looks like my wallet address is still the same, so my OKcash should appear in the wallet after fully syncing.

Jumped to 95% synced after adding blockchain file.


Thanks for sharing the update + follow up as it ends up helping other users in the future.

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