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OKCASH ECONOMY 2.0 Plan and Community Projects!

Started by CryptoGermanBro, September 01, 2017, 04:51:26 AM

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Because many people joining our community everyday and most having the question what OKCash is planning to achieve in the future
i completed this little infographic here.

OKcash is building on strong fundamentals. It has to grow step by step on its way to beeing a  widely used cryptocurrency.

Many projects haven been developed by the community in the last few months:

OKCART: http://okcart.net/
OKCASH FOR CAUSE: http://www.okcashforcause.org/
OKBETS: https://www.okbets.io/
OKPALACE: https://okpalace.com
OKCASH EMBASSY CANADA: http://okcashembassy.ca/

Just to name a few!

This shows the huge community spirit of the okcash family!

There are many other projects in store and awesome things to come in the future!

greetings, CGB  :P


Absolutely brilliant infographic you made there CGB, Bravo!


Thank's for the update @CGB!  :P 2.0  8) keep movin'!


I get some of it, but some of it I am confused on as either like with the ledger do we not already have that with the block chain or are we talking about something more advanced that the blockchain is imported into with additional info like contracts and what not that can then be read off through software once unencrypted by holding the key and wallet.dat file the info was encrypted from?

also is any of the features shown here like escrow for people who want to do business directly or on the market place to protect both the buyer and the seller from fraud?


Oh yes the economy is improving, I just dont have a penny to spend just to save some fucking bucks