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Its so cool that the wallet instant syncs we should mention that feature more

Started by r-ando, September 07, 2017, 10:20:07 AM

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Hi everyone,

My name is r-ando and I am new to the OKcash community. I recently bought my first OKcash and am now happily staking.

There are a few things I noticed that I think could be improved:

- Wallet instant sync should be advertised on the main web site, its a revolutionary feature that should be mentioned more. After all it makes the coin much more business friendly. (could it eventually be simply included in the main wallet download?)

-Also I tried following the instant sync guide and it corrupted my wallet. The guide I found on youtube is much more user friendly. It would be great if the official guide had a link to the youtube demonstration (or another youtube official demonstration). I couldnt have done it without the youtube demonstration and im not the only one.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKqfsNDZwwQ

-Also, I'm not sure but I understand their are almost 40 developers working on OKcash? This should also be advertised/mentioned on the website its really impressive  :)

-I love the messaging built into the wallet, could we also mention this more on the official website?

-On the website I would also go more into detail about the instant speed of the transactions so that an ordinary person can understand it quickly. Maybe compare it to Bitcoin? (for example X times faster than bitcoin...)

Thanks for considering this!