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Community Projects

Started by BlockMaster, January 03, 2018, 07:06:39 am

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We need to start getting community projects listed and voted on.  These need to be funded by either the large stake holders right now and/or staking funds if we want this community to grow in my opinion.

-Improve website, integrate forums.
-Windows 64bit client
-PoS 3 implementation
-Client voting and projects listed.  Once a project is approved then we could bid it out and then vote to approve it.

List what you would like :)


What i like to see is:

1. A Staking web-wallet (.com based)

2. OKcash listed on Binance

3. An official OKCash faucet (Like Bitsend)

4. Instant Blockchain sync

5. Simplifying the wallet, back up and restore easier, instant blockchain sync, that you within 5 to 10 minutes can use the wallet. And begin to stake OKCash.

:P - :P


I would like:

1. OKCash listed on Binance.

2. OKCash ROKOS OS for RPi 3+

3. New version of ROKOS Flavors.

If the developers need any help, please contact me.