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I have the feeling that I lost my coins

Started by Rakesh, October 16, 2017, 03:48:16 pm

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Hi helper,

I was wondering if you could help me.
You see, I have made a transfer to my new OKcash wallet for a Mac computer.
Unfortunalty the wallet took for ever to sync. \, so I transferred the coins to my new wallet.
I also made a bake-up, unfortunately my Mac got stock so I started over but now my walletadres has changed and I still haven't revised my coins. On the website of blockchains the website mentions that my coins has not redeemed yet.
If you can advise me, than I would be very thankful.

Kind regards,

Rakesh Joghi

P.S.: The wallet.dat file doesn't work, but I have a public key.


If the coins has not redeemed I guess they were never sent? I guess you can't see them on the blockchain right? If so, go to the wallet you used to send the coins  (or import the private key to your new wallet  (go see tutorial)) and do a scan in the debug console. It should show you, your coins again that is if they were never transferred.

Reason why it might have happened would be that the transaction was sent to a block that has been orphaned and the transaction has never been confirmed.


I have exactly same problem with lost coins while Syncing wallet. The address of the wallet has changed before coins received.
I can see my transaction on a blockchain in 'Not yet redeemed' status!
Please help