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OKCASH IS GREAT - You know why?

Started by OK-OK, October 20, 2017, 07:02:52 PM

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OKCash is a very strong currency and i will explain my opinion about it.

First of all: The Name 

In my opionion is OkCash the best name in cryptoland

Everywhere in the world people understanding OK.

When it comes to mass adoptation when i sell something and i ask 10... OK?

2. POS-System 

OkCash has a really stable POS system and it is lightning fast, yeah sure there are cryptocurrency's that are fast also but.... Do they have a low max-supply?

And also mention that a POS system is long term sustainable.

3. Max-supply 

This is verry important to have stability and scarcity. A max supply of 105.000.000 is verry low. (its 5 times the supply of bitcoin)

Come... we do some calculations.....

Imagine: Okcash is very popular..... and all the coins are mined. so we have 105.000.000 coins.... And all of the community have 2000 Ok  in their wallets.... then we have only a community of 52.500 people!!!!!  :P


Their can always be improvements.

But why some people are so negative about this coin???? i dont get it.

Sure maybe there are some issues.... maybe some things are outdated..... dont care.... keep your OK

If the team comes with a strong update and beat all of the other cryptocurrencys out there, the whole cryptocurrency community wants OK....

Thats why it is a project... A project can make very positive turns....

Like all the big timers out there......

Did people think bitcoin will grow to 5000 dollars each? NO

BUY OKCash for a friendly price while you still can....


We can write history together:


When the price drops with those short term donkey sellers.... then your time is come to buy more.

When the price increases 50 cent dont even think to sell it....HOLD IT or BUY IT

A lot of the short term sellers get out of the OkCash project and the price will lower again and you must BUY MORE...

And dont sell anything untill the price is 2,50 USD

Then if the price reaches 2,50 USD sell a maximum of 1 %  of your total OKCash in your wallet.

(The best balance is 2000 - 2500 OK)

Than wait until its USD 5,00 and sell 0,5 % of your total OK's

And so on..... 10 USD 0,25% of your total OKs - 20 USD 0,13% etc... etc....

If the community wants it.... THIS CAN BE BITCOIN 2.0

Download the wallet and let your coins stake the way for U.

1. It makes the network stronger
2. You make more OK
3. It makes you happy

And if you have not much OK dont worry..... Let your wallet STAKE! do it for yourself and the community.


1.Make the wallet user-friendly and make a official staking web-wallet

For many people the wallet.dat file is not very clear. Make it simple.

When you want to back-up your wallet, and click in the wallet to back up it, then the wallet must say to you step by step what you must do. simplyfie it. Then when somebody has back upped his wallet, then the wallet must say: where the file must be saved : desktop / downloaded files etc...

Make a wallet so secure and so simple that it is almost impossible to lose your coins..

Make a simple and effective layout of the wallet.. like the mcafee antivirus software:


2.Make a OK-faucet on the official website and let the community earn every half hour OK

Also for the people to get in touch with the wallet, how it works etc...

Share your thoughts...

Thank you for reading, and i will see you next time !

:P - :P