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The OK Cash Experience

Started by billy, October 21, 2017, 11:35:54 AM

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Hello (OKCash) World

I have been since may 2017 in the ok cash world, and I wanted to writte some lines to let everybody know how was the experience. I knew Rokos6Flavours some time ago, and I made it run on a Raspberry Pi 3, just wonderful and a great idea but I didn't know the posibilities of OK in PoS mining. So, this year, ROKOSV8Core was launched and I tried it as soon as I could, was the moment to buy some OKs in Bittrex at less than 1000 sats and put them to work on the RPi. Very fast transfer, mature in few hours, and in a few days first coin mined (at that moment only trying with 500 coins). Was the time to put more coins in the "oven", with only 9000 OKs I had mined coins everyday. Now you can imagine what was next, yes, more coins. But, not only I have been mining with a very low power comsumption (0.7 watts per RPi), a few weeks ago we had a very strong pump, so my coins multiplied x20. All of us know that now we have a price around 3000 sat, but in the long term, we had new minimums over the may 2017 price. Now I have install 6 RPi more with ROKOS8, 6 full nodes runing and mining and have many people waiting to install more, yes, "normal" people having a small device with no idea about crypto and linux but they know his money now is safe and making more money. Yes, the OK Cash full node is very safe, of course if you set a password and make a backup, and of course change the RPi password ASAP. My idea was to monetize some APis runing with python and a Telegram bot that I had running 24/7 in the RPi, but after the second full node installed I realize that RPi+ROKOS+OK Full node is one of the best way to be "your own bank" and have your money safe for everybody, I mean every kind of people. So I love this coin and of course the team and the community  :-*, thank you so much for the help.

Long life to  OK Cash :P

PS: Soon we will have the new keychain logo ready for 3D print, till that you can 3D print the old one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2311736 ....and a funny, stupid and addictive python game is coming soon, hope to show you this before Xmas