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Wallet synk and receiving OKs

Started by vumm, September 12, 2017, 03:10:30 am

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Dear community,

Sorry for mu newbie question. I have downloaded the WIN wallet and immediately after the installation finished, send all my OK coins from the exchange to the wallet. The point is that only after the send request I found out that there should be a synchronization.
Should it be fully completed before I see my transaction in the wallet and receive OK coins? Is it right understanding and will not be my OKs disappear because of my ignorance?
Thank you beforehand.


I don't think that you coins will dissapear. Because your transaction is already in the network. Till your wallet syncronized you can not see it on your wallet.
But i guess you can see them in the block explorer at least:D

After the sync will complete everything will be fine.