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* New! Latest stable version of Okcash Core v6.9.0.7-Aether * I doing it wrong?

Started by Raffle, October 23, 2017, 03:26:10 am

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I have read the article :[Solved] Mining OKcash question    And so my question is why am i not recieving any staking rewards after 4 days of staking?
OKCASH wallet says it is staking my coins and it says i am to expect staking rewards after 4 days, so why is nothing happening?? do I have to claim them somewhere?


1-how much okcash are you staking?
2-Is your wallet synced totally?


staking 1199 OK and wallet all synced up 100%


ok first of all there is no claim needed it will be automatically come to your wallet.
Are you sure that your computer was on all that time without any loosing of internet connection. Becasue stakeing income is a random issue. You can wait 1 day and receive no reward or wait 1 day receive 2 times reward and so on.
In addition you can get more frequent rewards if you will stake higher amounts, but in your case ~1000 ok cash should be normal, of course not so much but it should do the trick.
Just check last time how many connections you have, if you will not receive no reward in a cuople of days directly write to the tech guys.