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Another OKCash story

Started by OK-OK, October 26, 2017, 08:53:28 PM

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How many do you have invested in cryptocurrency's?

$ 0 - $ 100
$ 100 - $ 500
$ 500 - $ 2500
$ 2500 - $ 15000
$ 15000 and above


Another OKCash story, and why i prefer a POS sytem.

The cryptocurrency revolution is reasonable new.

Nobody can see what the value is for the future, we only can guess.

That the blockchain technology is revolutionairy is one thing for sure !

If you are new to cryptocurrency's, than it is really difficult to choose which, from all those currency's out there.

I will give you my advise. ( keep it in mind, but dont let it choose for you ! )

First of all think about what you want to invest, dont invest more, than what you are willing to loose!

Making a start.

The best thing you can do is observe the markets, before you buy anything.

When that stage is complete, you make a top 10 for your self, and write all the positives and negatives on a paper.

Than we come to, what you want to invest.


What i did in this stage, is think what i want to invest, and that was a $1000 and started with $500 to invest.

Then i deposited every month $100 dollars more in to the cryptocurrency's.

What you have with this technique, if the currency's go lower and your initial price is higher, than you can lower your average price, by buying more, and it don't effect your total investment money on how much you wanted to spend.

And now you have cryptocurrency's !

And now?

Wait, Wait, Wait.

The best thing you can do is totally forget that you have cryptocurrency's!

Because you don't want to sell anything in the short term !

If you do, eventually it cost you money !

And don't panic... must i sell now? or now? or is it maybe now the right time?

If you have the feeling that you want to sell something, don't sell much.(and you can decide how much that is)

The problem exist, if you sell everything or a lot of it, and the price gains, than you never have the chance to obtain so much as what you initially have and than you missing a lot of income.

ICO's (Initial coin offering)

That question was a few days ago on the forum.

I personly have never invested in any ICO, and i never will be.

After the ICO has ended, you always can accumulate, after it, and sometimes for a better price !

What you really want is a currency that has proof of existence!

If you don't know what an ICO is: it is like a pre-order on a product that is not yet on the market.

Now we have say all of that.

How do you want to store your cryptocurreny's.

If you are new to wallets and how to store your crytpos, than my advise to you is: let your cryptos in the wallet of the exchange for a WHILE !

Learn the wallets, look at their video's, and make it easy for yourself.

Download the wallet, let it sync, write the wallet adress on a paper, back up the wallet, save the file, and delete the wallet again.
And do it over and over again, untill you have 2 or 3 back-up files, with all the adresses written on paper.

Than download the wallet and restore your adress!

Make a lot of scenarios for yourself with the wallet before you fund it !

Until you know that it can not possibly go wrong, because you are knowing what you are doing !

My trust and investments in POS and OKCash.

I am a huge fan of a POS sytem and you know why?

Because i think it is in the long run the most sustainable blockchain there is! (because wallets are sustaining the blockchain, not computer-power)

And all of the advantages you get, interest on the coins you have in your wallet, and when the price is reasonable friendly you don't see what interest really is.

If the price gains you can let the interest work for u, or you hold it and you never have to buy more, because you get them for FREE

A lot of the POS currency's dont have a max supply, OKCash has !

And we talking not about 15 billion coins, we talking about 105 million and that is just 5 times the max supply of Bitcoin.

OKCash gives everybody the same interest rate up to the year of 2148, and you will be the first man on earth to see that happen!

And you never have to buy a really expensive computer with a lot of power to earn OK

Buy, Stake and hold OKCash !  The interest rate is now at 10 % over the staked OKs

Don't let the markets fool you

And you will thank me later !

And yes, the price of OK is very friendly at this moment

Vote for what price you think OKCash will reach in 2020 !


Thank you for reading, and i will see you next time !

:P  -  :P